Tech: Diminishing Human Interference; Major Reason For “Dumb” Mind

In today’s world, technology holds a lot of importance and, therefore, a number of people misuse technology without knowing its consequences. Increase in misusing technology leads to reduction in our minds capabilities. It also affects the human interference, reducing it

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Domestic over International: Latest Rule Regarding Seeding Companies

Recent ruling from the Delhi’s High court forbids Monsanto from stopping supplies. As a result, this will slow down the ability of a number of multinationals to establish a seed monopoly and an increase in domestic seed companies is evident.

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Medical Council of India is giving a chance to the NMC Bill rather than Discontinuing It

People who were contrasting the NMC Bill must upsurge to the occasion, see its benefits and help expanding it rather than discontinuing is channel in toto.  Actual functioning and implementation of the bill cannot be determined now, till will tell

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Modern India: Equality in Status Needed in Judicial System

Politicians in National Capital, Delhi, are attacking the rich community to take stringent policy decisions, judiciary is following the legal action. The sealing being undertaken by the oddly-named Environmental Pollution Control Agency is a smart move to rein in the

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Supreme Court: Article 370 has Acquired Permanent Status

The supreme court on Tuesday, declared that Article 370 of the constitution has acquired permanent status through years of existence. This will limit the power of Central government to make laws for the state – Jammu and Kashmir. In any

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The Various Factors Affecting on Bankruptcy Law

As business failures slow down expansion in the third-largest economy in Asia, law enforcement seek to deal decisively with these failures that will lead to a major overhaul of the India’s bankruptcy law. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 was

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Supreme Court Decision in Preventing Misuse of SC/ST Act

Legally, especially in terms of the Constitutional rights of individual citizens of India, there is little to quibble room on the Supreme Court order of March 20 which has paved the way for anticipatory bail to offenders under the SC/ST

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Supreme Court’s Agenda for Discrimination

Although India is a democratic republic but equality to the schedule cast and schedule tribes is still not available. People of SC/ST communities are suffering at every phase of their lives. On March 20, 2018, the Supreme Court in its

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One Law for Entire Nation

The Supreme Court on Monday mentioned that we must to give equality to all communities but UCC is not negotiable. Conflict is endemic to value pluralism in all its forms, a political philosopher with his ear to ground realities once

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Taking A Rational Approach To Democracy

India has produced a number of brilliant scientific minds, and yet it never fails to disregard reason and logic. It is disheartening to see Indians favor unsubstantiated arguments rather than appealing to reason. The world lost an amazing and accomplished

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