Time to Address Mental Health Issues

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Our society has been ignoring mental health issues as a taboo for so long. It’s time we stop it.

Ignorance remains at the root of most of the problems in life. In many cases, even when made aware, people blinded in their belief won’t acknowledge it, especially when it comes to mental ailments. It is understandable if the illiterate don’t understand. The irony, however, is that a good majority of educated Indians are no better in this respect. Even they remain in denial mode for long. They avoid seeking timely psychiatric help, as if the problem would be a stigma for the person, which when comes out in open, shall be subject to public ridicule. Instead, they take to various unscrupulous methods. It is only when the situation goes out of hand that they are forced to seek medical help. What they don’t realise is that mental ailments need to be treated just like any other disease. They are curable if attended to in time.  

A couple of years back, worried parents of a young girl came with a volley of questions: “Has somebody used black magic on my child that she has been behaving abnormal for quite some time? If so, suggest some remedies to ward off that evil. We have got as many pujas done as suggested by pundits, but to no avail. We sought the help of even a tantric, but even that didn’t work. Tell me, what is in store of her destiny? When is she expected to become normal so that we may plan her wedding? Our worry is that with her present state of mind, she can’t hold on to any relationship.”

After analysing the girl’s chart, I asked: “How is her sleep pattern?  Has her thought process become so incoherent that she won’t listen to reason?  Does she go through intermittent bouts of violence and sadness?” “Yes, nothing seems to be getting into her head. When we try to explain something, she turns violent. At other times, she gets saddened. In between, she realises her problems for a while. She remains awake almost the whole night and keeps lying down half-asleep during day time,”  they answered in chorus.

Well, all these symptoms clearly point to a serious psychiatric disorder and call for immediate medical intervention. Otherwise, I am afraid, in the heat of the moment, she could even turn suicidal. “She did show a suicidal tendency in the recent past. But, how could you come to this conclusion, just giving a look at her horoscope, even without meeting the girl?” they asked.

Let me make it clear, astrology reads into the unique character of a person — the core strengths, mental limitations, and desire trends. Looking at the seed-potential of a person, the future trends could be figured out. The pointers under consideration are her will factor, level of intelligence, and general mind trends. Lagna lord Venus, signifying the girl’s identity, occupies the lunar constellation owned by headless Ketu posited in Mercury-owned dual sign Gemini. And, Venus is ill-disposed off to Ketu. It implies that she has a weird vacillating mind trapped into self-created conflicts, not able to find a way out. The fact that cusp-wise Ketu occupies the eighth house identified with serious difficulties, makes her vulnerable to becoming a victim of her own making.

The Sun, identified with one’s will-power, again occupying a dual sign is moving towards its sign of debilitation, and is placed adverse to Uranus, Neptune, and Rahu. In the first place, it makes her erratic, unorganised, unstable, and habitually doubtful of any elder’s intent. Second, she would be stuck to her self-delusions, distanced from ground realities. Intelligence signifying Mercury too is ill-disposed off to Uranus, Neptune, and Rahu. That makes her a restless person. This also accounts for her impaired reasoning and judgement.

Mind signifying Moon, though occupies its own sign Cancer, but is placed opposite its planet of nemesis Saturn. That is indicative of unpredictable mood-swings, and a negative mind-set susceptible to depression. On top of that fiery Mars occupying the 12th house, locked in adverse formation to Uranus, Neptune, and Rahu, makes her temperamental. She is vulnerable to suffer from an inferiority complex. She may unmindfully misdirect her energies towards unproductive ends. Caught up in the above bind, her sleep would be disturbed, which brings down her energy level. Her mind and psyche, is thus, badly impaired. In such cases, even the hormonal balance of the person gets disturbed, which in turn, further vitiates the thought process. Now, when the root of the problem lies in her mind and physiological status, how can a puja correct that? There is no better choice than seeking immediate medical help.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

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Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Source: The Pioneer

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