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True salvation lies in the time after you are liberated from  lust, anger and greed.

Those who proudly flaunt India’s vibrant democracy were ashamed by the unruly scenes witnessed on their television screens during the last few days. The recent political drama that unfolded made political pundits look at the future of politics with concern. The current scenario clearly indicates signals of strong separatist forces at work in almost every political party. This dangerous trend of disintegration has affected not only the parties but has also invaded families and the entire nation as well. However, one finds that adequate attention has not been paid to its origin and to the enormity of harm that it causes to the society at every level.


The tendency of separation is in fact a combination of psychological symptoms, behavioural trends and thinking patterns and is therefore, a kind of a syndrome. Thus, before the actual split finally occurs, there is an upsurge in one’s conscious, subconscious or unconscious mind, of the forces of mutual dissatisfaction, distrust, disgust, hatred, intolerance and alienation. This starts when some ambitious or self-centred people, in order to fulfil their strong desire for power, position, name and fame, money or material possessions and so on begin to find fault in others and the latter act with the spirit of rejection, resentment, protests and abhorrence or contempt. The two sides thus disturb and disown each other by beginning to assert their dissidence against each other with greater vigour. Then the blame game begins and each side paints its adversary black. Each criticises the other openly. As a result, they get estranged and become inimical to the interests of the other. Thus, utter selfishness, unrestrained ambition, strong lust, stark greed, narrow interests, social cut-off and individualism, self-centredness, jealousy, rivalry and hatred that are born as a result of these create disgruntledness and create fissiparous tendencies which lead to a split in a party, a nation or a family.


In such situations, one is caught up in the whirl of levelling charges and counter-charges against the other and is unable to get out of it even if his/her well-wishers try to help. One is so much under the pressure of disturbed emotions that one refuses to listen to the voice of reason which can lead to well-being. The person’s mind is so closed that s/he stops caring about any attempts from the well-wishers to reconciliation and is not in a mood to settle the matter even by adopting the ‘give-and-take’ attitude. On the other hand, one’s stand becomes too stiff and inflexible. As a result the emotional-mental disturbance starts to increase and the forces of negativity totally vitiate the atmosphere. These could be catastrophic. Unitedly, humankind can face even natural calamities and meet other difficult and great challenges, but disunity, disintegration, divisionism, separatism or ‘each-for-himself’ attitude does not only leave gigantic problems unsolved but also  puts obstacles in the way of finding solutions for even smaller ones.


If we analyse this trend, we will find that all this is due to the disturbance in the human spirit. A restless spirit is prone to give rise to forces of de-stabilisation causing distress. Unless and until man learns to have inner calm and peace and to solve problems through spiritual knowledge and meditation, the turmoil will continue and will even escalate to the point of a serious human catastrophe.


According to the Bhagwad Gita, lust, anger and greed are the three gates of hell and hence it urges a being to abandon them. One who is liberated from these three vices is on the path to salvation. It is obvious from the above that true Ram Rajya can exist only when those living in that Rajya have divine qualities.  So, how does one get liberated from these vices and imbibe divine virtues? The only way souls can become pure in this present iron age is by linking up with the source of all virtues, who is known as “Supreme Soul.” Through this link they can draw power and virtues that will enrich and strengthen them to take them beyond negative influences. This simple process of linking self with the Supreme is called “Rajyoga.” Practicing it regularly will bring the soul peace, love, purity and bliss. Such qualities are reflected in a person’s words and actions. And when a critical number of individuals transform themselves in this way, social transformation takes place making way for Ram Rajya.


When this happens, that day is not far when we would see a world of purity of character and values, where every one would be divine and co-exist in harmony with nature. There will be no form of violence — physical, mental or emotional. Pure love and respect will form the basis of relationships. They will be completely free from and ignorant of evil, vices and suffering. Materially, they will be living in opulence and abundance. Science will be used appropriately to create technology and comforts which are necessary, eco-friendly and safe. People will enjoy perfect health, natural beauty, and a long life-span free from sickness and untimely death. There will be happiness and contentment, lightness, innocence, purity and joy in every action.


So when would this happen? It is actually ‘now’ that we get an opportunity to create our best destiny. Once we conquer the vices such as lust, ego and attachment, we would regain our original divine nature transforming the entire world into a new world. Don’t ever think that Ram Rajya is  a myth. No! It’s indeed a reality that’s as close as tomorrow if we start practicing from today.


Writer: Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Source: The Pioneer

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