New York
 will be a unique movie experience for Indian audience

New York
 will be a unique movie experience for Indian audience

New York
 will be a unique movie experience for Indian audience

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John Abraham on his latest flick

What kind of research have you done for your role
in the film “New York” since the first half you look all cheerful and happy whereas in the second half the serious mode takes over?

The research actually started accidentally when I and Kabir were doing ‘Kabul Express’. We met a lot of people out in Afghanistan, Pakistan and also met a lot of Talibans. I watched a lot of Kabir’s documentaries and we tried to under- stand the concept of Jihaad if I may say so. We tried to understand why the world looks at certain communities in a certain manner and vice versa. We have always tried to maintain that New York is not a jingoistic America film but have been very biased about whatever we have portrayed in the film. In terms of my character I have stuck to my director’s brief as what I am supposed to do, where I am supposed to and the thought process I have to take. I have simply followed orders. We have just made an honest and a simple film.

We heard that you took your role very seriously and went into a shell especially in the second half of the film to justify your character?

Honestly during the shoot we enjoyed every day. I didn’t go into any kind of shell except for the last three-four days where Kabir wanted me to take that portion of the film very seriously. We have had a great time during the shoot.

You have studied the Quran while filming for the movie “New York”. Why was that study required?

Kabir actually gave me some insights about Quran and how some of it is interpreted at times by certain people for their own benefit. That is something we went through in detail before we started filming for “New York” in terms of character sketch. But that is just a kind of backdrop for my character as we had to build a character history for my character. That was just an individual thing done and not to make a serious research based film.

Kabir made you do some edgy stuff during your first film together and we believe you have done some stunts for “New York” as well. What made you do that those stunts?

When we went to New York and Philadelphia, Kabir looked around at the buildings and I said that this was not dangerous enough for him. I think he made up for it by sending me down a forty-six storey building. But the strange part of the shoot was that once you come down you can’t go back up. I had to go to the ground floor once up there. When I reached the twentieth storey, the unit went in to pack up and move location and I realized I was all on my own.

What is the story line of the film “New York”?

Sam is a typical American jock. The story is about three friends. An incident takes place which is 9/11. After that how their lives change is a brief on the story.

“New York” is your second film with Kabir Khan. What kind of development as a director have you seen in him?

Kabir is a brilliant director. I remember I had told him while shooting for ‘Kabul Express’ that he will win a National Award for it and he won it. I feel he will win an award for this film as well and I can’t be wrong.

How was it for you shooting for the film?

I felt very nice. We shot in New York first and then we went to Philadelphia as well. It was great shooting there. It was great working with Neil, Katrina and even Irfan Khan who is the principal character. After watching the film people will realize the strength of everyone’s performance. Everyone is absolutely wonderful in the film and the film is a very commercial thriller.

What parts of the film do you like the most?

Well I like the climax of the film and the second half of the film is brilliant. I have liked them.

Tell us something about the music of the film?

The music of the film is great. My favorite is “Sam’s Theme” which I think is beautiful. ‘Hai Junoon’ has become a popular number. I am just waiting for the film to release. The audience wants a good film and we hope “New York” is that film.

Do you have any interesting experiences or any anecdotes that you want to share?

The best on the set experience was when I was coming down the forty-six storey building during the presidential elections and Obama was passing from below. So I was stuck around the twentieth floor for about two hours with the breeze blowing and flying around buildings. But I felt like Spider Man. So it was great.

What is the USP of the film?

The USP is a combination of a lot of things. Kabir Khan has directed it, Yash Raj productions and brilliant actors in the film. Audience exactly knows when one is giving a good film or a not so good film. So let the audiences decide but the film is a sensible film.

  – Mumbai Bureau arrangement courtesy movie talkies

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