Is Organic Food Good for Your Furry Companion too?

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Is Organic Food Good for Your Furry Companion tooThe food of commercial dogs are usually rich in fat and fillers that are not good for the health of our furry companions. If we feed organic and additive-free natural diet to our dogs, it can enhance their immunity and life span, says Amol Sharma.

It has been rightly said, “Good health is the key to success.” Perhaps, more than anything else, our diet, what we eat and what we avoid, hugely determines our physical condition. As organic food enters the market, people have reported brilliant improvements in their energy and immunity levels. The scorer is that these changes are not temporary; they stay for the long run.

As more and more people are acknowledging the benefits of organic food, dog-owners are not willing it to rest either. There is an increase in trend of organic food for dogs. However, does it really have the same impact?

First, what is organic food? Basic food substances that do not contain irradiation, artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, toxic pesticides, antibiotics, synthetic growth hormones and, Genetically-Modified Organisms (GMOs).

Here are some of the major benefits of an organic diet for dogs.

Improved overall health

Organic food can improve a puppy’s health drastically. It gives it a stronger immune system due to which it will have a lot more energy and enthusiasm. The dog’s life expectancy might also increase up to three years.

Disease prevention

If a dog’s daily nutrition is inadequate, it can suffer from a number of health conditions.

Besides, one of the causes for such conditions is the preservatives that are added in the widely consumed commercial dog food too. For instance, it can cause health problems like heart diseases, cancer and diabetes in the long run as well as minor problems like infections in the urinary tract, skin infections, tumours, vomiting and so on.

Organic food is well-balanced in all the aspects of a healthy and nutritious diet. Since it is unadulterated, it also keeps the diseases at bay. Bonus points for immunity.

Weight control

It was only a few years ago when obesity was an uncommon problem. But in today’s age, it is solely found in pet dogs. A fat, chubby pup might be adorable to look at and cuddle but it can be the cause of many diseases such as diabetes, organ failure, joint problems and so on. Commercial dog food has a high amount of fat and fillers. These are empty calories that help not a bit,  rather fatten the dog.

On the other hand, organic food doesn’t contain these fillers and has a higher nutritional value which doesn’t fatten at all. Additionally, consumption of organic food also leads to higher energy levels,through which you can expect him to be more active.

Improved digestion

Organic food has well-processed and well-prepared high-quality ingredients that are good for consumption. It has absolutely no artificial chemicals or fillers which could be hard to digest. If you’re wondering about its results, there will be lesser gas and faeces as dogs excrete less when on an organic diet.

Oats and other whole grains like natural barley along with lamb or turkey can hugely impact a dog’s digestive functionalities. It will only consume the absolute essentials that it needs and gain all the benefits.

Reduced allergies

The toxins and artificial substances found in commercial dog food such as added flavours, colours and preservatives can cause food allergies. These could be evident through symptoms like itching, rashes and hair loss. Since organic food is completely unflavoured, there are no added colours or preservatives. Does it matter how the food looks like to a dog, after all?

There are no sub-standard fillers and ingredients like corn, which can trigger allergies. Since it is for quick consumption, it reduces the chance of bacterial infections as well.

Fewer infections and allergies mean a stronger immune system in the long run.

With these five major benefits, it is best to switch to an organic diet for your dog as it will provide it with the best chance to fight health problems and to lead a healthy and active life.

Writer: Amol Sharma

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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