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The new era, which political parties promise to bring, would remain an unfulfilled dream as long as the nature of the people is not transformed, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikun Ji

The biggest festival of Indian democracy, the elections, are over and people are now waiting for the results. Almost every party who contested in this election, announced its policies and programmes in its manifesto if voted to power and are chosen to govern. These policies and programmes address various current issues and major problems of the day as well as the long-term development of the country or the State. In short, each party highlights certain issues and in its political wisdom, tries to offer the best solution for it.

Some parties put greater emphasis on the importance of being Indian and buying Indian or being Swadeshi whereas others emphasise that we must come out of the cocoon, liberalise the country’s economy, invite foreign investment and participation in a big way and thus make the country competitive in the world’s markets. Some say that India’s security ultimately lies in being a non-nuclear power while others stress that we as a country should not feel shy to openly go nuclear, as only strong nations survive. The economic policy of some parties, as published in their manifesto, lays equal emphasis on rural as well as urban development while others feel that it is more prudent to focus on agro-rural development, as most of the population in India lives in villages.

Some of them also suggest that India should not blindly follow the western model but learn from the mistakes made by the west which have resulted in dangerous levels of environmental pollution besides causing other ills due to its excessive emphasis on  the urban-industrial development. Thus, one would find a variety of views expressed in the manifestos of different political parties. However, if we put together the plus points from the manifestos of all political parties, the end statement that would emerge would consist of the following special features. The party would work for better environment and take measures to stop further deterioration, that it would work for creation of more employment opportunities, better standard of living and reduction in crime and corruption and work for a better social order that has harmony, that all would fully enjoy human rights, justice and basic freedom and finally there would be peace and good relations with neighbours and hence, there would be stability and security and no wars. So, in a nutshell, the statement would mean that there would be purity, peace and prosperity or health, wealth and happiness. This can be termed as the Charter of the people’s demands. Now, if we ponder over this statement a bit more deeply, we would come to the conclusion that health, wealth and happiness or purity, peace and prosperity are indivisible. They all go together and they cannot exist in an enjoyable form if only some of the populace have these and the rest do not. They cannot exist, if there is no sovereignty and there is clash of interests due to any of these being in short supply. Thus, these have to be in abundance for people to experience the joy of life coupled with the breath of freedom. So, if there is disease and squalor in some parts of the country or if there is hunger, poverty, pain or lack of peace in our neighbourhood or even in any remote part of the country, we cannot have complete peace. Moreover, purity, peace and prosperity will be only fleeting if there is no spirituality and if all the divine virtues are not intact in human character.

But unfortunately, no party has published a manifesto which talks of man becoming divine. This is because little does any party realise that all its promises to the electorate would remain unfulfilled if the citizens of the country do not have a great character. So, the new era which they promise to bring would remain an unfulfilled dream as long as the nature of the people is not transformed into something better. This is a task which they cannot perform because they do not have the magic wand of divine knowledge which transforms human nature into the divine one. For it is the work of the Supreme who places before mankind the party less manifesto of complete purity, peace and prosperity or ever-healthy, ever-wealthy and ever happy life before all people irrespective of their race, religion or caste and community. This goal can be realised by all sections of society, provided they have purity in their life, based on divine knowledge given by Supreme. This, then can be considered as the manifesto of the people and for the people.

Writer: Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikun Ji

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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