Why Muravvata on the tabligiyom?

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The Staunch secular, the profound gaṅgājamunī and the nationalist Congress President, śaradacandra gōvindarāva pawar, asked who allowed the tablighi jamat (March 13-15, itjēmā) in the marquez of Nizamuddin West (Delhi)? Why was she not banned? (6 April) means pawar did not listen to Arvind Kejriwal’s name, then he would have asked his own chief minister uddhav bal thackeray
Till now the Hindu heart emperor remains self. In the matoshree building (Maharashtra cm’s home office) made by bal keshav thackeray, the corona virus has also been camping. The security guards have been infected with this corona virus

After the śāhīnabāga in Delhi, the jalsa of this illegal nine-Storey Nizamuddin Marquez is the second rarest gift of Kejriwal, his own vote, and this corona virus of three states has been traveled. Millions of plagued in the national land. Now it is a different thing that the period of lockdown It will also go ahead of Ambedkar Jayanti (14th April). This is the religious character of tablighi jamat…………………………… Why the modi government is trying to make the decision to be punished? How much sacrifice and need?

After all this is tablighi jamat what bla? The literal meaning of tableeghi is the propaganda of Islam by prōpēgaṇḍā| akīdatamandōṁ | ITS FOUNDER (Amir) Maulana Mohammad Ilyas Kandhālavī made it in 1927. in his recognition, the Muslim people became corrupt by their path | bring them back to the Prophet’s path At that time the pakistan movement was also fast. Mohammad Ali Jinnah considered every Muslim as his pawn, though he was separated from the good Muslims, they did not offer regular prayers. The Mosque would have gone astray. But Islam was like a fevicol to add everyone. For | Ilyas made the organization to make the people a true islam matāvalambī by being angry with Rashid Ahmed Gangohi. His self-Respect Maulana Saad made it broader. It was the president of Islamic Pakistani (1990) Muhammad Rafiq Tarar, the father of Nawaz Sharif. Muhammad Sharif, the director general of pak isi, General Javed Nasir (1993) etc. Pioneer is the Pakistani cricketer shahid afridi, Inzamam Haque and Hashim Amla (South Africa) are members of it. It has millions of members in Pakistan and Bangladesh who are the enemies of India

Now return to India’s tablighi jamat |. Hardly any magazine, TV channel or platform is untouched, where these people’s anti-social actions or news of the badama’āśī are not in the headlines |. For example, when they ran away from Delhi, these were the ones who were There was a proper arrangement to keep the corona to be investigated, but they all secretly reached up to the up limit. There a man of Delhi police put pressure on up police and entered them into noida. Later up police detained that delhi police. His name was mo. Rehman | in ghaziabad, these guys were kept in the hospital. There were people in front of the nurses for the investigation. They were made to be in a jain college, then they demanded to serve biryani. | to defecate in the open, spitting everywhere. Infection Done, hāthāpāyī etc were treated normal

There was so much ruckus in Ali Jan mosque near the butcher yard of lucknow. These tablīgiyōṁ had to increase the severity of the police. They were adamant that they will remain in the mosque, because they will go straight to the heaven, where the fairies meet, then a security guard. It is said that your rich Maulana Saad is missing, he himself is in the kvārēṇṭīna. The situation is that Allah is watching and justice. The only daughter of Maulana Saad has not been able to get married.

Many Islamic scholars in criticism of these tablīgiyōṁ said that the wrong explanation of the hadith is done by Maulana Saad. The very iconic maulana khalid firangi mahli of lucknow has appealed to the temperance………………

An amazing horrible thing about this tablighi jamaat is that many of his members are from the Islamic nations, especially from Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar (Rohingya) etc. They are also connected to the terrorist organizations

There is a puzzle that why did modi government not strictness on this suspicious organization according to their well-being policy? Why is the generosity of sēkyularapanē? This vote bank of Nehru-Indira Congress is natural. The Congress has been in friendship with these girls but why did the Hindu party show a strong step by taking strict steps? Country needs answers |

(Writer: K. Vikram Rao)

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