Traditional Stress Busters

Traditional Stress Busters

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Our planet The Earth has conducive atmosphere for life in our solar system by virtue of ecological balance between Living & Non living and Flora & Fauna, since the evolution began.

Living ones have been provided with 4 natural instinct and ‘Indris’ for use of resources provided by Nature to live healthy life span ,to continue the progeny and peaceful passing away for recycling of energy.

One species of living kingdom brought about tremendous changes and developed one more tool  Intellect. By using intellect, they developed at much faster pace than other living being they are referred to as Homo Sapiens Most Advance Auto-programmed computer of our planet HUMAN BEING’.Human being established harmony with Nature by framing Basics rules of Lifestyle to restore stress free life on wheels of spirituality. By virtue of wisdom, since ancient time, visionary people visualized STRESS ( Physical , Mental & Oxidative) is an instrumental component , which governs the human health.


  • To a lay man :Stress is a situation which causes emotional upset & tension
  • To a Psychiatrist : Stress is a situation which alters the psychological haemostatic process.
  • To a Anthropologist : Stress is an adversity between people & environment.
  • According to Hans Selye (Endocrinologist) : Stress is a non specific response of the body to any demand made on it.

The food plays an important in managing stress , specially, Oxidative STRESS ,the most damaging type of stress it may cause – Cancer, Auto-immune disease by gene mutation , Diabetes , Arthritis, Osteoporosis Libido , Hypertension even Psychiatric disorders , if goes beyond the thresh hold limit .

Yogic Food : The Yogic food are those edible substances ,which are available for meal as good as in natural form accordance to particular geographical conditions, environment & season .

Brief Scientific deliberation about Oxidative Stress

The Human being existence is not possible without energy, produced by food digestion in intestine with help of enzymatic reaction and combustion at cellular level in both processes can’t be takes place without oxygen.

  • The oxygen content of air has its negative character for living organism .After reacting with other element in body at cellular level produces the super oxide radical, hydrogen peroxide & extremely reactive hydroxyl radicals are common The radicals are responsible for oxygen toxicity. These radicals are known as free radicals. More complex food more enzymatic more oxygen requirement and in result more free radicals formation creates the Oxidative Stress .
  • The oxidative stress damages the cell membrane , DNA , precipitate as chronic disease or problem , whenever the amount of radical cross beyond control of inbuilt defense mechanism . All living beings generate water & lipid soluble antioxidants & synthesized antioxidant enzymes called as Super Oxides Dismutase(SOD) to nullify the reactive oxygen free radicals.
  • To deal with oxidative damage number of repair enzymes produce in the body for proteins , lipids & DNA repair
  • The oxidative stress is non static, always fluctuate, God, provided the human being the adaptation mechanism to deal with such fluctuating stressors by initiating antioxidants & damage repair/removal enzymes.

Traditional Management to Deal with Oxidative Stress

By virtue of wisdom, since ancient time, visionary people visualized an individual is compel to face stress, unknowingly off course willingly too. The body is capable of maintaining the internal environment with in very narrow range called ‘Normal Range’. For example in Hindu Mythology Frame a unique 9 day systematic religious fasting system biyearly during Navratri ( In April & October ) along with different mode of worship.

For fasting period, visionary people have laid down guidelines for the meal pattern & food item restriction and linked them with religious Astha , so, community in mass can fallow that and remain healthy , manpower can contribute at optimum level in development.In April & October month, the season in under window period of change from winter to summer, summer to winter The Human body is in process of making adjustment according to change in outer environment, so many chemical reaction are going on , In result heavy amount free radical are being produced and body self mechanism busy to deal with these free radical to keep the oxidative stress with thresh-hold limit .

So, any kind of extra demand made on body may lead produce more free radical taking oxidative stress beyond threshold limit, may leads to any permanent damage or chronic aliments or acute ailments may convert in chronic one.

Prescribed Meal pattern & food item during, fasting period

Meditation: The meditation is not only few minute state of closed eye static posture but it is a state of meditative posture throughout the day to keep the Central Nervous system in proper order to achieve the positive health i.e. Mental, Physical, Social & spiritual health .

A. Worship / Reading Religious Original Text :This is a type of Meditation , lowers BMI , conserves energy ,Lowers the Free radical production .

B. Sat Sang : Bests stress reliever activity – Lowers the free radical production.

C. Meditation : Help in taking voluntary control over involuntary physiology activities.

D. Fruits : Provide simplest form of glucose ( fructose ready energy)., Vitamins , Minerals ( as anti oxidants , Roughs good for cleaning GIT & help in clearing bowel. And Potassium for lowering stress at cellular level

E. Dry Fruits : Provides essential oil , minerals , Vitamins required in traces , for skin & visceral muscles toning

F. Vegetable : Are calories free food item which provides plenty of water , vitamins , minerals  lowers the burden of digestion & combustion – minimizes free radical production.

G. Spices : Clove (Syzygium Aromaticum) – provides oral hygiene , prevention from clod & cough & Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomu )  Checks the acidity problem , help in digestion , & works as mouth Freshener

H. Rock Salt: Rock salt provides high Potassium & low Sodium it releases the internal fluid stress on cell membrane & lower the chances on untamed death of cell from rapture.It help to the functioning of sodium potassium pump at cell membrane.

Problem of today : In today’s world , very scientific concept of biyearly fasting formula to keep healthy life, taken either as fashion or mistaken or wrongly taken people taking more heavy or taking no food or not aware about biological base of concept.

Conclusion : Fasting is an activity, to provide space to our body systems to rearrange the physiological activities to you away fro so many ailments at same time provides you healthy life & economy, formulated by visionary people .

Suggestion : Due to hectic life schedules , environmental imbalance, irrational use of medicines the level of Oxidative Stress is much higher in human body . So, weekly fasting is advisable.

 – Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Pandey (Writer is a Lucknow-bbased naturopathy consutant)


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