The Art of Praying Explained

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Instead of ordering God, believers need to seek guidance from God. Ajit Kumar Bishnoi says, “God always finds a way to communicate.”

This is required because normally we don’t pray properly. How do we pray? We more or less order God to give us this or that, though we use polite language and proper emotions. Is God obliged to comply with our entreaties? Let us put ourselves in God’s position. What will we do if we are approached by a person for some favour? We will ask ourselves the following questions: Do I know this person? Why is he asking me? Can I give what he is asking? Should I? Is he not disturbing me, impinging on my privacy?

God also considers many factors like I know him as I know everyone but is he in regular touch with me? Does he deserve what he is asking? Should I give what he is seeking? Will what he requires help his cause? Let me take an example for gaining clarity. A person is sick in a family, and a relative is praying for help. This family has a casual relationship with God; they do some poojas on festivals, and sometimes go to some temple.

Let us see from God’s perspective. There are seven billion persons in this world and most of them fall in this category if we exclude atheists and those who have no real exposure to God like in communist countries. This means that they are not special deserving special consideration. Why? Because God is not very important to them; they are not entitled to special consideration from God. Remember, God has set the bar quite high for that as He has clarified in The Gita, “Those people who worship Me with undivided attention, meditating on Me — for those practitioners of yoga, I help in getting what one does not have and provide security of what one has.” (9.22)

Does it mean that others don’t deserve anything? No, they do because they fall in the category of distressed or seeker of wealth. (7.16) Anyone approaching God will get God’s response. There is a big range from none for atheists to full for devotees, mentioned earlier. What do they deserve? Let us go back to the example of a sick person in a family? God will guide, ie God will indicate what all needs to be done for the patient, but all that has to be done by the family members. God cannot make all of us lazy by doing our duties for us. Even those devotees who are engaged in doing the highest duty of the human life must do all their duties including attending to their sick family members themselves. God will be very active in helping them. (18.58)

Let us see the logic of God. Whose problem is this? Not God’s. Who is best placed to help? The family members of the sick person of course! So shouldn’t they be used to help? After all, God must act through a medium — a physical person. A person who prays benefits in two ways. One finds workable solutions which can be implemented. And the negativity disappears because one is no longer helpless and is engaged properly with hope in the heart.

There are general guidelines for praying in different situations. I have already mentioned about sickness in family. The next situation is when we need help, and don’t know who can and how. Pray sincerely and God will indicate, because He knows who can and how. Similarly, we are confused between two choices. Both appear okay. Who will know the answer? God will because He can see the big picture. He can shed light on the various pluses and minuses, which can help us make the decision.

We need something desperately like a material object and do not know where to find it. Again, if anyone knows God will because He is omnipresent. We need protection as all do. We can pray to God — the omnipotent after creating a sound support system; He obliges. We want success. Who can ensure it? God can because He is omniscient. Lastly, we wish to help someone. Pray to God recommending him or her detailing why that person should be helped. What did we learn? That we must establish a solid relationship with God to deserve His active help, which is unlimited. That we must do all our duties as guided by God; He guides.

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Writer: Ajit Kumar Bhishnoi

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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