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It is payback time for Croatia against a team that had crushed its dream in the 1998 World Cup final When Croatian forward Mario Mandzukic went past English goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in the 109th minute of the second Semi-Final to

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SC Passes Orders for Proper Management of Odisha’s Jagannath Temple

The Supreme Court on Friday engaged the Centre to set up a committee to study how temples of architectural and cultural importance across the nation are being managed, particularly in the interest of devotees and utilisation of offerings/donations. Finally, it

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Time to Eliminate Leprosy: A Never Ending Battle

India is battling against eradicating leprosy. Although the efforts in 2005 didn’t get positive results, the Government  Given that it was all but beaten needs a new tactic to tackle both, the stigma behind the disease and the disease itself.

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