Swamy: Post emergency, non meritorious Chamchas were promoted by establishment

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Swamy Post emergency, non meritorious Chamchas were promoted by establishment

Subramanian Swamy is among the leading intellectual, academicians and politician of the present time. He is a rare combination of Subhash Chandra Bose’s aggression and Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s intellect. All the three leaders have similar leadership traits and moral courage to stand for truth. As India is still looking to find out the reasons of Bose and Syama Prasad’s mysterious deaths that cut short their brilliant political careers and similarly country is looking for an answer from BJP as to why Dr Swamy is sidelined by PM Narendra Modi while selecting his cabinet colleagues in 2014 to cut short his best period of political life? Swamy aggression is largely appreciated by masses though it creates fear in his own party colleagues of being overshadowed by his persona. It is a known fact that Swamy’s name was suggested as Finance Minister by RSS top leadership in the midnight tussles at Gujarat Bhawan on May 25, 2014, but his name was forced out from the final list due to the tantrums played by BJP Delhi gang members and vested corporate interests. It is extremely unfortunate that PM Narendra Modi did not opt for Dr Swamy for navigating the country’s economy. Surely, his availability in the party could have been better utilized than merely offering a Rajya Sabha seat to target traditional BJP political adversaries. To PM Narendra Modi’s credit, his government has performed well on all parameters except on the economic front, anti corruption action against corrupt leaders of UPA regime and J&K fiasco. This economic mess could have been avoided had Modi opted for the services of an expert in 2014. Today, BJP stands to lose its large core vote bank of middle class and trading community largely due to the poor management of economy. Surely, it could have been addressed by a competent finance minister and what better choice could there be but Dr Swamy. He would have simultaneously attacked the corrupt lobbies resulting in creation of public goodwill for the Modi government. Dr Swamy speaks about the recent political developments and events with our Editor in New Delhi.

You have seen pre & post emergency era of India, what according to you have changed in INDIA post emergency?

Post emergency, non-meritorious chamchas were promoted by the establishment officially. The Congress party was gradually taken over by the private secretary, political advisers and has started ignoring mass based leaders, the process was facilitated faster by Sonia Gandhi in the recent times. The institutions were attacked and politics penetrated in constitutional positions. Unfortunately, the process is the order of the day even now.

In a popular and large democratic country like India where regional divide, caste divide and religious segregation are virtual realities, do you think the exceptional merit and impeccable character of a leader can facilitate his journey to the highest level in politics?

Yes, I see a struggle but ultimately, there is no alternate for talent.

You are a mascot of India’s anti corruption movement but do you think it is a relevant issue to a large section of society, when the leadership is build on caste and religious platforms? Glaring examples are Lalu Prasad Yadav in Bihar or DMK leadership in your state of Tamil Nadu?

In a religious and caste ridden society, the first priority of the voters is to select its own caste leader to establish superiority in the social order but the democracy in India is maturing fast, the glaring example is the Narendra Modi election of 2014. People are by and large dislike corruption and bad governance but there should be an alternate to attract voters for cleaner politics. In 2014: Narendra Modi was the clear alternate and people from all sections of the society voted for him.

You are a bitter critic of Jawaharlal Nehru and his socialist policy despite Nehru contributed in setting up industrial base of the country that brought scientific temper, world class institutions?

I have never opposed any individual in person, I am opposed to ideology or policies of individuals. His adoption of the Soviet economic model, with its neglect of agriculture, quotas and licenses caused India’s GDP growth stunted at 3 ½ % per years rate for 40 years till my reform blueprint developed as Minister in 1990-91 and courageously implemented by Prime Minister Narasimha Rao through Manmohan Singh during 1991-96 changed it over 8% per year. During this period I also held a Cabinet rank post in Rao’s government.

How do you rate last four years of Modi government?

Except for gross economic mismanagement, I would give full marks to Narendra Modi government. Although I must confess that PM selection of certain bureaucrats in the important positions has brought down the prestige of the government. And the lack of talent in the present cabinet has made the PM’s job more stressful.

Congress party utilized the services of economist Dr Manmohan Singh extensively in the last three decades, even to an extent of appointing him the Prime Minister of the country. However, BJP had the equally competent economist in you but they ignored the claim for the reasons best known to them. How do you think you would have planned the economy differently if you were to head the finance ministry?

I would have reformed the tax system to make it simple and incentive oriented such as abolition of income tax, reducing indirect taxes to 22 commodities, zero tax on services, and raised resources by auctioning natural resources such as Spectrum and coal. I would have lowered interest rates to 9% as prime lending rate and raised fixed deposit rates to 9%. R&D expenditures would be tax exempt while innovation development would get matching grants from government, agriculture become global exporting sector, and got opened colleges in such numbers especially by alumni of universities that Reservation quota would become redundant.

How do you assess the upcoming 2019 General Elections?

If Hindutva agenda is implement such as adopting Devanagari script as additional compulsory alphabetical script, encouraging by liberal grants teaching Sanskrit synonyms for English technical terms, abolition of Article 370, finding legal ways for building Ram Temple, ensuring fast tracking in courts of my cases against the Gandhi family and Chidambaram family, then majority in Lok Sabha is certain.

Dr Swamy interview conducted by Prashant Tewari Editor-in-Chief of Opinion Express Group. The feed-back can be shared at prashanttewari@opinionexpress.in

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