Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s Travel Ban

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Supreme Court Upholds Trump's Travel BanIn case closely watched by higher education, justices find that Trump was within his authority in restricting entry to the U.S. for nationals from a group of mostly Muslim-majority countries.

Deep in the Bible Belt in the American South, a highly conservative area that bought into Donald Trump’s message of ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) and voted overwhelmingly for him to become the 45th President of the United States, there is indignation that coastal liberals are bent on scuppering Trump’s agenda, that is, their agenda. These are people who while very welcoming to foreigners who speak their language, are fearful of them as well, because they see them taking their jobs away and challenging their ‘culture’. Their deep-rooted Baptist beliefs makes them scared of non-Christians, especially Muslims.

So Trump’s travel ban, which made it difficult for visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations to come to the United States was welcomed by them. Yet, they were angry that ‘liberals’ were attacking the ban, which many feel goes against the ethos of the United States. But the United States Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the ban, and going forward it is almost certain that the United States Supreme Court is going to endorse several other Trump policies as well which will make the United States far less welcoming to refugees and illegal immigrants. While many liberals have attacked Trump for separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents, the fact is that the United States should be free to make their own immigration policies and cannot willy-nilly let in thousands of undocumented migrants every year. The media across the world including. ironically, the British and Australian media, have attacked Trump for his ‘inhumanity’ while conveniently forgetting or tacitly supporting their country’s anti illegal immigrant policies.

While some Western nations such as Germany have allowed thousands of migrants in and highly educated liberals across the world including in India (with regard to Rohingyas) have supported refugees, almost nothing has been done to educate local residents on migrants/asylum seekers and even less has been done to better assimilate migrants into host cultures. Absorbing immigrants from Islamic nations into highly developed, free and open societies is particularly problematic. There has been a consequent and well-documented spike in crime, especially against women, and fundamental misunderstandings. This has in turn led to the rise of extreme right-wing nativist politicians across the world. And while liberals — whether in America, Europe or India — live in their own idealistic bubble, cocooned from the problems of, in Hillary Clinton’s infamous coinage, ‘the deplorables’, the fact is that in democracies the ‘deplorables’ vote and vote in numbers. Liberals have to understand that if migrant issues are to be solved they need to work with communities and societies and not just impose their will. Because, if they continue to do so, those elites including our homegrown variety attacking Indian Government policy on the Rohingyas will only make the right stronger and end up lamenting their own failures. The world needs to understand that migration due to war, famine and economic causes is a reality and so does society at large. But forcing the issue in today’s hyper-connected world will only lead to failure for liberals as Trump has demonstrated quite unequivocally.

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