Solution to World Problems: Academic Knowledge and Spiritual Awakening

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Academic Knowledge The solution to the world  problems is not solely based on academic knowledge. One must search from within, achieve spiritual awakening, that will, in turn, create a peaceful humankind.

The whole world is facing many global problems which are connected with each other directly or indirectly and which, together, have created a very complex and grave situation. These problems are too many and too well-known to need any listing here. Till date many  solutions have been tried to solve these problems but it has been noticed that every solution has, in the process or at the end, created some new problems even if it has partially solved the old ones. The solutions chosen or the remedies applied have been the society’s response to the situation, confronting it. Man’s response to these problems, some of which threaten even the survival of humankind, generally emanate from his knowledge of some academic disciplines and so, it is termed as economic, political, social, legal, technological or militaristic response. Or, if it is based on his intuition or common sense, it is called his intuitive or layman’s response.

Since there has been an unprecedented advancement in the above mentioned and other disciplines during the last two centuries or more, it would be natural for anyone to expect that our problems should have gotten solved by now but the truth remains that we are nowhere near complete or final solution. On the other hand, it is strange but true that most of our problems have risen during a period when our knowledge of the academic disciplines had tremendously been increasing and a larger and larger number of people have been receiving high-level education. In fact, as our efforts to resolve problems gain momentum our problems have been multiplying instead of abating. The reason why the solutions, adopted by man, have been unable to fulfil his dream is not only that the solutions have been piecemeal and of ad-hoc and fragmentary nature but what is most important is that some essential element, that should generate happiness and inner satisfaction has been missing. So, even after strenuous efforts and huge expenditure, the result achieved has not been a lasting respite and relief. There is, therefore, the need to know or to explore that missing element. An analysis of human action, in general, would suggest that our response is, invariably and always, based on our belief system. There is no person, educated and cultured or rustic and unlettered, who does not have a set of beliefs which serve as the springboard for his behaviour and actions. Our belief system includes in it our chosen goal and our role model. Our values also emerge from our belief system. These together determine our perception and interpretation of a given situation and form our outlook and attitude and lead, finally, to our response or action.

At present, our outlook, our values, our attitudes and our actions are often prompted by the belief system that is built from our knowledge of science and technology and other disciplines such as economics, politics, etc., and therefore, our response is mainly materialistic, secular, mundane or influenced by body-conscious. It is not moral and spiritual or of a quality higher. Our motives, goals and efforts are coloured by merely worldly or material considerations and immediate concerns. They do not take into account the durable gain and a higher, nobler experience. They violate moral and spiritual laws for immediate gain and neglect the well being of the soul to attain a short-lived, pleasurable, sensual experience. Our present predicament thus is due to this missing element which should elicit the soul-conscious or the spiritual response.

Spiritual response is a blend of values like universal love, goodwill, co-operation, concern for the wellbeing of mankind, based on the constant and living awareness that we are souls and children of one Supreme and are divine in our nature and origin. We must thus remember that without this kind of spiritual response, no problem, whether you call it political, economic, ethnic or by any other name, can be solved.

Writer: Rajyogi Bhramakumar Nikunj Ji

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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