Senses: Make the Best Use of it; Don’t Succumb to Their Use

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Senses Make the Best Use We have many senses, as a matter of fact 10 of them. Each one performs at least one function. I have ranked them in how frequently people turn to them for pleasure or otherwise and how much force of attraction they have for their sense objects. Let me begin with the ranking of senses in order of frequency of their use. The nose has to come first, not because we put it to use most frequently, but it is always in use, even while we sleep. It alerts us of any foul smell or smoke in the air. When we eat something, the nose is in play in smelling the aroma like that of steaming food. Rarely do we smell something specifically like a perfume; it is in the air. Skin is similarly in use always. It lets us feel the outside temperature. We try to protect ourselves by wearing woolen clothes in winters, and use air conditioning for comfort in summers. We also seek pleasure through massage, by regulating the temperature of bathwater, etc.

Like the nose, ears are also always active. They alert us of any suspicious sound while we sleep. During waking hours, we put them in frequent use for listening to what we are taught, music, what others say, etc. We come to harm when we use this faculty to listen to gossip, sycophants or to sexually explicit content. Eyes come into play when we get up. We make good use of them when we see something instructive, pleasurable like a picture, the beauty of nature, etc. We harm ourselves when we use our precious eyes for seeing pornography, horror programmes, etc. The best use of our eyes is to see God’s idols, photos, etc. Our consciousness gets a huge uplift.

The mouth has much more selective use; we do so when we have to say something. Proper use of it brings many rewards like when we appreciate someone, sing nicely, preach, warn, etc. On the other hand, improper speech hurts badly; we hurt others or even make them our enemies. It is said that words can be more potent than even weapons. The best use of this sense is to chant mantras, etc.

Tongue is next in the quantum of use. Most people eat several times a day. If you add drinks like coffee, tea, etc, we are using this sense quite frequently. Unfortunately, we are given to choose foods for taste rather to their nutritional values and their appropriateness for our bodies. Foods must be tasty but not at the cost of our health. We mostly ignore this golden rule.

Then we come to genitals. Their use and frequency depends more on one’s age. It peaks during the youth and, then begins to taper off as one gets older. Hands are more or less always in use during waking hours. They are more active while we work. Similarly, legs are forever being used or should be because their activity determines how healthy or useful we are.

The anus is used for passing stool once a day or so.

Now let me rank the senses in order of their attractiveness vis-à-vis our minds. It shouldn’t surprise many if genitals are ranked first because of the extent of pleasure they give. They also cause most trouble for a human being, if improperly used. Eyes occupy the second position both because we need to use them for work as well as for pleasure. Tongue is third because eating is both central to our existence and to satisfying the palate. Speaking comes next, even though we should be very careful in what we say. Shouldn’t we hear more, which will make us wiser? Our desire for comfort places the skin in the sixth position. Hands occupy the next position because they work for us more than give pleasure. Similarly, legs are placed in the lowly eighth position due to their utility rather than to their pleasure-giving utility. Nose and anus occupy the ninth and the last position respectively. These ranking may not meet universal approval but one thing is certain; they alert us about making the best use of our senses rather than succumbing to their use, which harm us.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at

Writer: Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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