Rise & fall of Anna movement

Rise & fall of Anna movement

August 1, 2012 0 comments


India  is  a  huge  country,  larger  than  a  continent. Hetrogeneity,  not  homogeneity,  has  always  been  the mantra of Social Homogeneity of Indian ethos, which is a must  for  any  progressive  society. It  boosts  and  develops adequate debates that ensure proper social and intellectual churning to have the much needed social fermentation for a change, the Vyavasthaa parivartan, as both Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare say. There is no alternative to free thinking and frank expression for jettisoning the evil of hypocrisy. True, bu\t that is why the pre- Independence type Common Platform(C.P.) is required, which, like the then Congress or the subsequent JP Movement, may not be bound and integrated forever, it will  at  least  play  a  very  important  role  in  bringing  the  urgently  needed  Second  Freedom. Corruption remains a restricted agenda for “have “ and certainly for not “have nots” in India hence the Anna movement created huge effect in urban India but it could not penetrate rural India. Secondly, the rural India is driven by caste & religious divide hence an all India movement could not be constructed by Anna & Co.

Team Anna targeted ruling Congress party with special  focus  on  Sonia  Gandhi,  Is  not  Mrs.  Sonia  Gandhi  a  honourable  Member  of  our Parliament, elected by none other than Indians? Ask the electorate if you dare, not the M.P. She was a target for corrupt practices but important members of team Anna focused on secular  image  thus  diluting  core  issue  of  corruption  and  the  debate  was  expanded  to  Baba Ramdev and later Narender Modi type of polity. It ensured that right wing people associated with RSS & BJP were thrown out of the movement resulting in instant collapse of the entire movement. Let us be free from doubts. Let there be a C.P. and adequate social and political fermentation. The nectar of required awakening will be born automatically. The concept of Hindu votes, though ideal and all engulfing, is getting a shattering blow by the current I.T. and economic revolutions of modern age. Whether Hindu or Muslim, all vote banks will have to be treated in a common crucible, as for example, done by competent persons like Narendra Modi,Nitish Kumar, and Shivraj Singh Chauhan who interpreted and transformed the Faith to mean developments in their respective states of Gujrat, Bihar and M.P. Ultimately, it is development, not any religious leaning, that will survive the fermentation oriented test of time. It will need various gears.

Look at China. Religion has utterly failed to bring social harmony, daal roti, medicines, shelter and the sukoon for all, and above all the much needed National Pride and Gold for India, as possessed by a modern German or Japanese, and an old Brittisher. Anna group, not Anna Hazare himself. The confused group will get enlightened or dissolved in the healthy atmosphere created by the apologists of the RASHTRANEETI on a C.P.Then the corruption oriented politics will be transformed/ reformed or ousted. Parishkaar or Bahishkaar. They opposed Congress and Modi simultaneously, that created more confusion than bringing solution to the entire movement against corruption. Nobody should ever now venture to ignore the perennial sufferings of the hapless masses, which Maoists claim to highlight and amplify. It is a stark reality that is impossible to understand by the opulence born well to do ruling the roost in society,market, religion and the politics that intends to frame and tame all. Their representation on the C.P. will have to be there. Hegde seems to be a righteous and comfort loving gem of society. He must be very happy to bless the C.P.once it is shaped. Let us pray that some apologist of the RASHTRANEETI becomes thread of the ANNA-RAMDEV needle to enter the flower like hearts of honest Indians of consequences from every walk of life to form a coveted gar- land for Bharat Mata. Is Arvind Kejriwal ready for that ?

Classical error of entering electoral politics is a death nail to the entire movement, Indian are immune to certain way of life when it comes to politics. It is a pure game of give and take, team Anna with extremely limited resources may not be in a position to offer any tangible benefits to hapless Indians, General Elelctions 2014 for team Anna will be a great disaster. What a waste of huge effort and public support!

– Prashant Tewari, Editor-in-Chief

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