Overseas Education? Astrology Has a Say in This Decision!

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Overseas Education Astrology Has a Say in This Decision!Some astrological pointers can determine if and when you can go for studies overseas. Astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo explains how astrology has a say in whether or not you will thrive overseas.

Almost a decade ago, a three-year-old child developed serious bronchial problem. His worried mother then consulted a locally available astrologer looking for child’s future prospects. The scheming astrologer observed: “The child is expected to have a bad health all through his life. And why simply worry about his health? His life appears to be short as his lagna lord Mars occupies the 12th house, the one identified with departure from this world. No sooner Mars dasha begins at the age of 12, his life comes under threat. So, get a particular puja done to secure child’s life and health. He asked for a heavy price for conducting the puja.”

The worried mother then wished to have a second opinion from me. I assured her that the child will live long. For, the lagna sub-lord Rahu occupies the nakshatra owned by none other than lagna lord Mars, thus strengthening the lagna. It may not be out of place to mention that the lagna sub-lord speaks of the overall life trends. And the lagna sub-lord so strongly signifying the lagna, he is assured of a long life. The basis he has cited for the possible exit from this world during his Mars dasha, will instead pave the way for studies abroad during later part of its seven-year tenure. For, 12th house, apart from other implications, also means movement to an altogether new environment away from usual place of abode.

Remember, the child seems to be extraordinarily talented as the Sun is conjunct intellectually ordained Uranus, both occupying the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires. Also that mind signifying Moon is conjunct Mercury, the planet identified with intelligence. And all these planets were over the head when he was born. It implies that the child has an innovative and inventive mind, capable of out of box thinking, which may induce him for research work of significance. His communicative skill too seems to be excellent. On top of that, Karmic Saturn so well placed with respect to Neptune speaks of his strong intuitive abilities.  Accordingly, he may have to join an educational institution, which could facilitate his potential bloom out in full. From the age of three, when progressed Sun joins natal Uranus, he should reflect signs of being a child prodigy. Rest assured he will make you proud.

True, he is susceptible to cold infections. For, Mercury the sixth cusp sub-lord identified with ailments is conjunct Moon. The two planets read together are indicative of bronchial problem. Even more so, because both the planets occupy the nakshatra owned by the Sun, which is posited in a Saturn owned sign. This indicates low immunity level. But here again, the Sun occupies the 11th house, which being sixth from the sixth house, may serve as antidote to the implications of sixth house. So, he is assured of quick recovery from his ailment as well. No such puja as suggested by that scheming pundit can absolve him from his ailment. It was better to get him properly treated, which alone can help him overcome health issues.

Assured, the lady followed the advisory in sense and spirit. By now the said child has entered his 17th year. His bronchial problems are well under control. Of course, off and on he is subject to temporary cough and cold infections.  The young boy has meanwhile shown extraordinary mathematical skills, unexpected at his age. The child has lived for hardly a year at his place of birth so far.

The lady, recalling my earlier prediction, revisited me again. This time, she wishes to know, whether the child’s wish to seek admission to an overseas university of repute will come through, as four years of his Mars dasha are already over.

Let us first examine whether the child is due for higher studies and that too in an overseas university. Whenever the fourth house has linkage with the  ninth house, one becomes due for higher studies. In this case, the fourth cusp sub-lord Ketu occupies the ninth house. For, overseas studies, ninth house should have linkage with the third and 12th houses, respectively signifying foreign travel, movement away from home, and life in an altogether different environment. In this case, ninth cusp sub-lord Venus occupies the nakshatra owned by Mars posited in the 12th house. Mars, in turn aspects the ninth lord Jupiter occupying the third house. All three concerned coordinates being so well linked, promises admission to an overseas educational institution. The dasha sequence and transit operative during 2019-2020 period favours fulfilment of his desires.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Source: The Pioneer

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