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Now popularly known for her character in Riverdale, Madchen Amick looks forward to explore her limits as an actor.

Riverdale is a thrilling drama filled with secrets, mysteries and scandals. Based on characters from Archie Comics, the genre-bending show follows the story of the residents of the not-so-sleepy town of Riverdale and gives them a dark spin. The first season unravelled the saga surrounding the tragic death of high school golden boy Jason Blossom. The second season dealt with the mystery of the Black Hood. With season three about to premiere, what can the audience expect next? We catch up with Madchen Amick, who plays Alice Cooper in the show.

How would you describe Alice Cooper at the beginning of season three?

Alice had a hard season last year. What I love about the character is that every time she goes into anything, she just goes in completely. When she’s uptight Miss Priss, she goes all the way. When she goes Serpent, she goes all the way. We have a new incarnation of Alice this season, which has been really fun to play.

Will we get to see more of what happens at The Farm soon?

We start the season three months later and there is definitely something that Alice is drawn towards. It sounds like she is looking to heal in any way, so she’s going to explore things that may not be the best for her.

In season two, Alice’s husbandwas revealed as the Black Hood. Does this play on her mind in season three?

It’s always fun to see how Alice deals with things. She likes to tuck them away and move on to the next obsession.

Is that the last Riverdale has seen of Hal Cooper?

No, I think he might be back. There are plans for the Black Hood in prison.

Archie (played by KJ Apa) is on trial for murder as season three begins. How does that impact your character?

It brings the whole town and the parents together. Even if you have differences, something always brings people together. They all have to rally together and fight for one of their own.

What is the state of the relationship between Alice and Betty?

They have their differences — but when it comes down to it, they always have each other’s backs. I feel like Alice has never really moved out of her teenage years when it comes to Betty because Betty steps up to her and challenges her. In a way, I see them both as teenagers; they are snarky with each other, which is always fun to watch.

Will the audience see more of Alice’s background with FP?

I hope so. I know there’s going to be a lot more Falice, which should reveal some history between the two of them. We’re going deeper into their relationships and their pasts in general, which will give us a lot of material to tease people with.

Did you expect the fans to rally behind these two characters? Or was it a complete surprise?

I didn’t really expect it but I have always wanted to have more scenes with Skeet. He’s such an amazing actor and their relationship is very fun to play, which is why I started campaigning hard with, ‘What about Alice and FP?’

Can we expect their relationship to be smooth sailing?

Never. It’s never smooth sailing in Riverdale. I think that’s what the writers are really good at; they present something and then they pull it right back, so it keeps you wanting more.

Will the audience get to see an explanation of her past with the gang in season three?

Well, I definitely want to see a lot more Serpent Alice because that’s really fun for me to play. At the moment, she’s distracted by something else that she feels is going to heal her wounds. I feel like it’s going to be a slow transformation to come back to her true self, which is a Serpent, but we’re eventually going to find our way there.

How would you describe Alice’s relationship with FP?

It’s complicated. They are like two magnets drawn together because sometimes they flip and are pushed apart. They have a lot of complicated history together.

What would you like to see happen to Alice in season three?

I just want one night out. I want Alice and FP to have one night out where they let everything down and they revisit some old habits — and then they have to stumble home. The walk of shame maybe?

For a show with a relatively young audience, the parents have pivotal roles in Riverdale. Does that surprise you?

There’s a lot more depth to our show. Relating to the parental relationship is really important. Plus, it also gives an opportunity to have a diverse audience. We’ve got an adult audience who enjoys the show and can watch it with their kids; the kids love it.

Last season’s musical episode was very well received. How did you prepare for it?

I was scared to death about the musical episode. You can throw anything at me acting-wise and I said, “Bring it on.” But I wasn’t very confident when (Riverdale executive producer) Roberto (Aguirre-Sacasa) said, “Lady, can you sing?” And I said, “Define ‘can’.” He said, “You’re going to be singing three songs.” And I was like, “Oh, great.” I was nervous the entire time but it turned out good.

Would you do it again? Maybe there’s another musical episode coming up in season three?

Well, I’m a sucker for punishment. People keep throwing challenges at me and I just keep taking them.

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