Nothing is permanent

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There are numerous endings and beginnings in our life. One must remember that no situation can continue forever and hence, even problems escalate and come to an end, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

We all know that a full stop ends a sentence giving it a definite meaning. In that sense, the end of anything gives it full closure and creates a way for a new beginning. It’s a cycle of life. There are so many endings and beginnings in our life. Often, most of us prepare for the various endings in our life, like — end of a particular season, project, education, career, relationship, deal and so on.

We may also sometimes reflect about the biggest ending — Death. Some endings are known and expected while others are quite sudden. Most of the time, when an end is near, we usually get some kind of signals or maybe clues to make us aware and help us meet it with grace and equanimity.

The current world scenario presents an interesting view of multidimensional forces influencing human destiny in the present time. On one hand, we see amazing wonders of science, technology, information explosion and development on several other fronts of material life. On the other hand, we witness the fast degeneration of values, ethics, extreme levels of violence, hatred, corruption and suffering on a daily basis. Today, the world is riddled with numerous problems of every kind — political conflicts, economic recession, environmental hazards, poverty, terrorism, natural disasters, inflation, social and familial divides — the list of troubles seems never ending and even gets multiplying. Apart from the looming dangers of global warming, our world is precariously balanced on a stockpile of nuclear arsenals that can trigger a holocaust of unimaginable magnitude.

While we watch, hear and read about major scams, and crime, there are numerous such incidents of violence and moral turpitude that occur on a daily basis in individual lives. Similarly, hatred, jealousy, greed, ego, lust, intolerance and mistrust have seeped deep into the human psyche influencing every thought and action.

Beneath the turbulent waves of change and disintegration, the human consciousness is awakening to the reality of a new world that is shaped by more aware, enlightened, spiritually empowered and responsible human beings, who are aligned to the great values.

We all know that every problem generate a search for solutions, which leads to new knowledge, invention and change. If look at today’s world scenario, we wonder what could be the solution to end all our sufferings? Moreover, one must remember that no situation can continue forever and hence even problems escalate and come to an end.

So when will the end to all our problems begin? Well, practically, it has already begun. Time, nature and the incidents in the world are all giving us a loud and clear signal about the impending change. The end is here but it is a benevolent and beneficial one. It is the catalyst that will open the door to liberation from all the sufferings. It will establish a new world of purity, peace and happiness that every human soul has been yearning for.

Now is the time for everyone to realise that supreme almighty himself is changing this old world into a new one. He is honouring his supreme wisdom and blessings directly to help us regain our original purity and virtues. He is awakening us to realise our true nature to manifest our inborn divinity. We should thus not wait for the end, instead we should wait to fly and reach our magnificence. Just remember, the old world is finally coming to an end and a new one is being established. Now it is up to us whether to become a part of this change towards the new world by connecting with the supreme or remain in an illusionary world, where everything is artificial and un-realistic.

Writer: Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Courtesy: Viva City

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