Misha Collins Spills the Beans on Supernatural Season 14!

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What can you tell us about the storyline of Supernatural at the start of season 14?

Everyone is in crisis mode when we start a new season. We are hell bent on rescuing Dean from Michael’s thrall. Everyone has their heads down and their shoulders to the grindstone on this one. They are all focussing hard and working together as a big team of hunters on that task. Castiel is at relatively full power. He runs into some trouble pretty much right out of the gate, but we’re all pretty focussed on that mission.

What is going through Castiel’s mind at the start of the season?

Aside from this mission, Castiel also has the looming prospect of the fall or collapse of heaven on his mind. That’s in the back of his mind, but that’s not something that we are tackling right out of the gate. First of all, we’re trying to save Dean.

Will the focus shift to heaven later in the season?

That’s right. The issue of what’s going on with heaven will become a bigger, more important storyline later in the season. There are only six to 10 angels left in the world right now. And when all those angels are out of heaven, then heaven itself will deteriorate. And the ghosts that are in heaven will be able to descend to Earth. We potentially have a big problem on Earth if all of the angels are gone, so it’s definitely an issue. It’s definitely a cause for concern.

Will Castiel work directly with Sam?

We’re teaming up for sure. Yes. Everybody is in hunter mode when we come back, because we just want to get Dean back. We obviously run into obstacles along the way, but that’s our focus.

How would you describe their relationship?

It’s great. We’re not at a point of any conflict between the characters. We’re both watching out for one another and we’re both checking in with one another. It’s a true partnership.

Jared has admitted that Sam has more of a leadership role in season 14. How does that work?

It feels like he’s second in command now, right under Castiel. In a sense, we now have a much bigger cast of characters who are working on the team because we brought all these people back from the alternate universe. Now, there’s a little more coordination needed and a little more logistics — it feels like Sam is grabbing the reigns on that.

How does this large group of people in the bunker play into the story?

Well, we’re not dealing with a lot of big questions that brings up issues like, ‘Does the bunker really have that many beds?’ ‘Who’s doing the shopping and the dishes?’ ‘Maybe that’s later?’ For now, it’s all about getting Dean back.

How would you describe Castiel’s relationship with Jack (Alexander Calvert) in the season?

Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) never really got to play the father figure with Jack. He had a couple of scenes where he tried to pal up as the dad, but it never really developed. From the beginning, Castiel has felt a deep responsibility for Jack’s well-being. He’s also been racked with guilt that he wasn’t able to help earlier. Back then, Sam and Dean stepped in to fill that void and served as surrogate fathers. Dean is impaired at the moment — but collectively it feels like Jack has three dads. We all are shouldering a little bit of the paternal responsibility.

At this particular juncture, Castiel is shouldering the most of that role because Jack is going through some of the same things that Castiel had gone through six or seven years ago, when he had lost his powers and became human. In that sense, Castiel is uniquely positioned to help shepherd him through this crisis.

Supernatural will celebrate its 300th episode this season. What can you tell us about it?

I have already been a little spoiled on that episode, so I have an idea of what Andrew (Dabb) is thinking of doing. I can say that it sounds like a slightly meta episode. I think it’s going to be really cool, but I’m not the one to spoil this. You will have have to wait for Andrew to tell you about what’s happening.

Over the years, you’ve not shied away from speaking out about issues close to your heart. You’ve used your platform as an actor to speak about politics and other significant subjects. Why is that important to you?

Honestly, I think that it’s everyone’s responsibility to be vocal about things that are important. Just because I happen to be on a TV show doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be vocal. I think that a lot of actors are rightfully concerned about stating their positions on certain issues because they don’t want to alienate their fan base — but I happen to think that it’s important to have an engaged dialogue about things that are important.

You handed out polling papers at the Comic Con in 2018. Why was that issue particularly important to you?

I did that because I care about voting. I think it’s a big deal. It’s key that young people vote. Young people are often not included when they talk about polls. They do polls of likely voters and they often exclude youngsters because they typically don’t vote, so I like the idea of turning the tables on that. I like the idea of turning youngsters into likely voters. That’s something that I wanted to focus on and talk about for a while, because it’s important to me. It’s important to speak up when it’s right.

(The show premieres on January 31 at 10pm on AXN.)

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