LIVING HAPPY AND JOYOUS LIFE – Swami Vivekananda & Swami Paramahansa Yogananda

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Prashant Tewari – Writer is Editor of Opinion Express and regular columnist to The Pioneer. 

In modern fast paced society, stress is a silent killer. The developed nations are struggling to cope up with the growing human individuality crisis. A learned teacher can guide us to learn contentment in life, leading to extreme happiness. Both Swami Vivekananda and Paramanhansa Yogananda were great masters of humanity. No ordinary man, surely is worthy of this spiritual title. But now and then, there appears on earth one of the noble lineages of God-realized souls to carry out the plans of Divinity and establish righteousness on earth.

Why Saints?

Saints and sages occupy a central place in the Indian spiritual tradition. The saints and sages are an integral part of what is called Hindu or Sanatan Dharma. Their elevated souls exemplify beliefs and their lives in totality. These elevated souls exemplify the essence of the spiritual treasure trove that is continued in the vast and varied spiritual literature in Sanskrit and in the other languages. From among the exalted and emancipated souls, first Swami Vivekananda and then Paramhansa Yogananda appeared on the Indian scene to bring solace to the people in the Indian continent and the world at large. Both these masters worked untiringly throughout the period they lived on earth and helped to awaken people from their long slumber of centuries. Their contribution to the cause of uplifting human consciousness is no less than those of great incarnation of God who took birth on earth only under divine command.

How to live?

It is not our fate that decides where your life is going. It is all about how you take life and where you take it to. All of us are born in this world like beautiful clay models ready to learn all talking, walking, eating, drinking and so many other lessons and habits. We go back from the earth saying good bye to life as hardened solid figure. During the course of life, through experiences gained by growth in the years, we start seeing the world according to our own perceptions. We create meaning, we create friends and enemies. We create our own truth – right or wrong.

The nature of life is to grow towards an ever perfect and joyous expression of itself. Each living cell has a nervous system, no matter how rudimentary. The more develop the nervous system, the more it will express the qualities of the pure consciousness – intelligence, creativity and bliss. Life, its substance and purpose, is an enigma, difficult yet not un- knowable.

Presently, the humanity is passing through a very critical phase of transition from old values to new values getting developed through moving forward in the field of information technology. Being in its initial stages of development, the information technology is however, having its adverse effects on the young minds. The family way of life, peace and under- standing are getting affected. Technology is being misused by anti social elements bearing far reaching effect on how we live today.,

Way of Life?

Hinduism is not a religion commonly understood terms comprising set of dogmas and belief but it is proven way of life which has helped mankind from millennium to know its true nature that of the infinite which is its source. Hinduism is the most tolerant religion in the world because its one transcendent God includes all possible goals.

Why Guru’s guidance?

Swami Vivekananda had handsome face, magnetic presence and wonderful oratory. Never before did an oriental make such an impression on the global society. According to him, nothing else is necessary except love, sincerity and patience. Life is only growth i.e. expansion, love. All love is life; it is the only law of life: all selfishness is death and this is true here or hereafter. For more than 100 years the work has continued and Ramakrishna Mission is now a well established institution helping everyone to work for one’s own liberalization and for welfare of the world. The mission has rendered yeoman service in all fields for upliftment of masses fulfilling the dream of great Master-Mystic, Prophet, Disciple, Lover of humanity, Patriot, friend, beloved Swami Vivekananda.

Swami Vivekananda teachings mainly centered on the following ideals:

  • Preach unto mankind their divinity and how to make it manifest in every moment of life
  • Education is the manifestation of perfection already exists in a man. Education through which character is formed, strength of mind is increased,  the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on own feet
  • Whatever you think you will be
  • We want strength and more strength in life. With weakness  comes  ignorance  and  with   ignorance comes misery
  • Purity, patience and perseverance are the three essentials to success
  • Religion is realization not talk nor doctrine nor theories
  • Religion is manifestation of divinity already in man.
  • They alone live who live for others.
  • The gist of all worship is – to be pure and do good to others
  • It is love and love alone that I preach. I base my teachings on the great vedantic truth of the sameness and  omnipresence of the soul of the Universe.

Swami Paramahansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda used to explain: Knowing God is not only a privilege and a divine duty but a practical necessity. The guru is the awakened God awakening the sleeping God in the disciple. He  gives us all we need to rouse the divine image within: methods that take us beyond the rest- less mind to touch the infinite consciousness that  sustains us: timeless truths for spiritual living amongst the ever shifting values of this world. Swami said – Education must provide life building, man making, and character making assimilation of ideas.

Meditation is strictly prescribed by Yogananda ji to delay cell decay, regulate blood circulation and improvement of heart function. The lungs gets extra oxygen, senses get subdued. Perfect state of meditation being human’s true nature, sooner or later; humanity has to learn this lesson to remain on the path to progress. The path of a human life can be identified by –

  1. Man’s Eternal Quest
  2. Divine Romance
  3. Journey of Self Realisation

Why Meditation?

The joy felt in meditation reveals the presence of Eternal joy spread over all creations. The light seen in  meditation  is the astral light from which our  tangible creation  is made.

Paramahansa Yogananda Spirituality for a common man may best be termed as science

of the soul. It is reaching beyond all sciences. The soul keeps as alive and guides our live on earth and is a part/ reflection of the infinite consciousness pulsating through whole creation, commonly understood as God. Knowledge of this science can help us  lead happy, contented, joyful and purposeful lives on earth. The greatest help to a spiritual life is meditation ( Dhyana ) – Meditation is a instrument of spirituality.

Paramahansa Yogananda teachings mainly centered on the following ideals:

  • Life here on earth appears futile and chaotic until we are anchored in the Di- Do not concentrate upon ephemeral worldly goals and human attachments.
  • Make your inner    self a temple of God; Make it a temple of the mystic life of the universe. Then you are king of everything and not attached to anything.
  • A man of realization sees God in all.
  • Yoga is the scientific process by which everyone reunites with.
  • Yoga/Meditation is the highest form of activity that man can perform, and it is the most balanced way to find God.
  • Make religion real by scientific methods. When you do you will see that religion is no longer a myth but a scientific certainty.
  • No matter what religion you follow, ask yourself? Am I happy? What is my highest duty? How can I find peace and bliss?
  • Plain living and high thinking should be your goal. your ever readiness to help others without distinction of sex, creed or caste will make your heart big enough tom receive all humility. Break the boundaries of selfishness and include in it all living beings and universes –everything.

(By Prashant Tewari: Writer  is editor-in-Chief / Opinion Express)

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