It’s Modi vs The Rest in General Elections 2019

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It’s Modi vs The Rest

The coalition against our PM is hinged on following points:

1. To counter combined hindu fold, create caste divides.

2. Since many Muslims have been traditionally voting against B.J.P and Modiji especially, opposition wants to further create a vote bank by promoting and aligning Muslims with caste- dominated parties.

3. Opposition thinks that polarization on hindu muslim basis, will harm them therefore they do not want open polarization as they think that silent polarization of muslim in their favor is a good situation. opposition further thinks that open polarization of hindu votes will be adversely impacting them.

4. The opposition led by congress wants that Hindus should remain divided among caste based parties like SP and B.S.P etc to weaken the composite vote base of B.J.P.

5. Opposition further wants that backward castes and dalits should remain separated from hindu polarization and remain aligned with Muslim vote seeking parties.

6. Opposition is funding and promoting anti establishment agitations like breaking of Ambedkar statue, defacement incidents and kisan riots to depict that Govt is elitist. It expects that state forces to control law and order will further breed anti BJP feelings among people. In case majority BJP states use force against backward caste and dalit caste affiliated kisan leaders during riots and agitations, it will create Anti Dalit and anti backward image of B.J.P.

7. Jignish Mavani of Gujarat and Hardik Patel were nurtured by congress to spread caste divides to weaken the B.J,P vote base in Gujarat.

8. Similarly academic institutions like JNU, Jadavpur University are being systematically planted with such student leaders to create student unrest in the country.

9. Congress wants that small issues of student and farmers should be bloated out of proportion and there should be loots and arson on the roads so that people start loosing faith in the government and governance.

10. In the coming months congress will try to create law and order issues, kisan agitations, rail agitations and labour unrests to bring down the economy to discard the claim of good governance and growth .

11. Since the congress coalition comprises of tarnished image leaders from all corners, Congress will not like to be challenged and contest elections on issues of good governance and growth centric policies.

Congress will like to derail the election agenda on non-issues and to blow them out of proportion to disrepute the Modi led BJP Government.

What next for B.J.P.

1. To divide the coalition by wooing potential leaders so that coalition remains confused and suspicious about some leaders.

2. Too woo other leaders of backward and Dalit castes to support the B.J.P. or form the coalition like apna dal etc in U.P.

3. To divide important coalition of leaders like Mayawati, Naveen Patnaik, Mulayam Singh Yadav, OP Chauthala, Jagan Reddy and other South Indian leaders so that the coalition is not able to polarize opposition votes against B.J.P.

Main forces of Indian Politics which must be kept in good control.

Narendra Modi

1. Pro kisan measures, the government should not only do but appear to be doing that.

2. Pro business policies fixing aberrations and other such problems in the implementation of G.S.T.

3. Creating more jobs on contract models so that huge chunks of people can be benefited.

4. Keeping good control on university campus politics and issues.

5. Keeping goods control on cow vigilantes to avoid issue less media controversies.

6. Expediting the Ram Janam Bhoomi issue so that a huge wave of Hindu self respect may be generated to counter the caste divides.

7. Expediting infrastructural and rural development projects.

8. Creating good infrastructure and eco system to help farmers to double up their income and ensuring health insurance and crop security to all farmers of India.

9. Keeping the price under control specially with regard to oil and fertilizers.

10. Better media management to keep motor mouths of BJP silent.

11. To expose people and media about the ground governance initiatives

12. Flogging political representatives to work among people to show case the achievements of govt.

13. The coalition of opposition parties has been broadly engineered by congress against Modi led B.J.P. However congress is ready to concede the state space to these parties . But many regional parties are themselves competitors of each other and are afraid of pan India expansion of BJP in all states. Now BJP should rethink about conceding regional space in lieu of central politics.

14. Many regional parties have been fighting against regional parties like SP with BSP , DMK with AIDMK etc. and their alliance will remain intact only till Lok-sabha elections. After Lok-sabha elections their alliance will shatter upcoming assembly elections. If BJP does the master stroke of Ram Janam Bhoomi temple, increasing the retirement age of supreme court judges,government employees and elections of state and center at one time then the opposition coalition can collapse much earlier.

15. Congress is trying to sacrifice regional ambitions to negotiate for lok sabha elections. Congress is not bothered to make its own chief ministers in many states but to make Rahul as the Prime Minister . In case both elections happen together the divides among regional parties will be too much to reconcile and that can very well be exploited by BJP to make reasonable deals with them to stop the vote polarization against BJP. In this process, BJP may have to give up certain states to the regional parties and become second fiddle as congress has done in Karnataka. BJP should think that centre is more important and states may have broad coalitions with alliance partners to share the power. These regional parties have no ambition for centre and that’s why they were alluded by congress smoothly.

16. Another strategy of BJP should be creating better acceptability among other backward castes by giving leadership opportunities to their leaders also so that some regional caste based parties with OBC strong holds, may not be able to blame BJP as an upper-caste dominated party.

17. With these strategies and better selection of candidates keeping in mind the caste profile of constituencies and making of constituency wise manifestos, BJP with its great brand Modi image can form government at Center in 2019. I am sure that each every nationalist person who thinks that nation is first, fully supports the idea that modi should at least be given one more chance to form govt and implement the policies and programs started by his government.

(Abhishek Tiwari: A law student in Amity University 7011988964)

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