Inner-Conflict: What Really Connects Two People?

Inner-Conflict: What Really Connects Two People?

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Inner-Conflict What Really Connects Two PeopleA young boy and girl, in their college going days, are attracted towards each other. They confess their feelings and have been dating for a few years now. With the seriousness of the relationship rising, they are opening up to the idea of settling down and take their relationship to the next level. When the D-Day came, they both had a few doubts. But, spending so much time with each other made them have an unbreakable connection, making it difficult to part ways. With no way out, they turned to seek guidance.

Before addressing their concern, I asked them a question: Amongst a large number of boys and girls in your institution, how is it that the two of you got drawn towards each other? “Well, we really don’t know. Maybe it happened spontaneously,” both of them answered. “It simply implies that each one of you makes up for some void in the inner frame of mind of the other side. Maybe it happened at energy level. That is why you are not aware of how you two naturally got drawn towards each other. If that be so, would it not mean that your self-doubt is a comical error,” I averred.

“What you are say sounds reasonable. But then why are both of us having self-doubt? Based on astrological analysis, tell us straight whether our union will be stable and happy,” they asked.

So far as self-doubt is concerned, it comes out of their inherent sense of fear and insecurity, deeply imprinted in their minds as would personality indicator the Sun crossing path with its planet of nemesis Saturn mean. This particular planetary alignment simply implies that they would have been witness to some unpleasant experiences during early childhood, difficult for them to digest at that age. Such memory implants adversely affect the mind and psyche of the child having long term bearing in life. Consequently, given a trigger, a sense of negativity overtakes mind’s drive. Also, they lack confidence. What further compounds their problem is that both of them carry escapist tendency, coming as it may with Saturn conjunct Ketu. Both the factors read together are pointers to the lack of the will and resolve to face challenges, and also carry the tendency to evade responsibility. Now that time has come for making a firm commitment towards each other, their inherent sense of fear has raised its head. But bear in mind; be it relationship or one’s aspirational urges, this tendency will play spoil sport, and therefore, needs to be addressed without any loss of time.  

Now coming down to the question of marital stability and harmony, it is dependent on the inter-personal relationship skills of the two, no matter what the astrological match-making tool has to say. And that is subject to the habits and attitudes of the prospective partners. Marriages do not fail or turn into pleasant experiences simply because the partners are so helplessly fated. Experience suggests that when a relationship begins, the partners engage with each other carefully. Consciously, they try to be as accommodating as possible, ignoring each other’s fault lines. Once they settle into marriage, the partners take each other for granted, when their habit tendencies emerge in their true colours. By the time they realise, it becomes too late. That makes it incumbent upon the prospective partners to self-reflect, identify their inherent infirmities, and address them, to ensure a happy marital life. In this light, let us look at the astrological pointers of the two.

In the boy’s case, the Sun is ill-disposed off to Venus, which makes him very touchy and sensitive. He may get stirred up even on trivial issues, and keep unnecessarily mulling over them for long. Mars in opposition to Uranus makes him temperamental.

The Sun opposite Jupiter in girl’s chart speaks of her swaggering ego, which limits her scope of vision to selfdefined dos and don’ts, and not open to look beyond. Anything happening to the contrary, it becomes difficult for her to digest. Saturn’s adverse aspect on Mercury implies fixated one track mind. Moon occupying Saturn owned sign, is conjunct Uranus as well as Neptune. It, in the first place, points to her introvert nature, and shall have reservations even in expressing her emotions. Second, she is an unconventional girl having her own approach to life, even if means defying the well settled societal norms.

Once the above noted negatives are addressed, their inherent sense of goodness will play out in full to ensure a happy conjugal relationship.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

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Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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