Indians must shine

Indians must shine

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United young population must participate in Governance

India is the only country with 237 million skilled and highly skilled in the age group of 19 to 35 who will be driving the world economic growth engine for at least next 30-50 years. America, China & Japan has either too young or too old, Europe has negative population growth, South America is a travel destination or narcotics heaven, Australia & Canada Asian immigrants are gaining grounds and Middle East is too preoccupied in religious fanaticism. Then India is the largest consumer market in the world with its 350 million middle class, which is more than the entire US population of 303 million. Who is left to drive the economic growth engine around the world? The Answer is Indians.

Those who say in America to get into main stream politics, one must know and visit 3 I’s; Israel , Italy & Ireland are living under illusions. They are dead wrong, there are 4 I’s and 4TH I is India. Now the time has come Indians must get political representation also for their highly positive contributions in American economy and society. With rising fortunes of Indians in America and India , how any one can be disrespectful to Indians or ignore Indians or can dictate Indians? How Indians can ignore rich in natural resources, strategically, geographically, financially and politically most stable country America in the world? America being a country of immigrants belongs to every one; so why not Indians start behaving like owners of America . How Indians can forget they are equal owners of America with others? Why they are not participating in the governance of America? Indians must legally increase population & political representation in America. If more than 50% of total world Jewish population can migrate to America than what is stop- ping the Indians?

So called Leaders representing Indian community in America have no courage to criticize Local, State and Federal Politicians for massive legalized corruption and racial discrimination to Indians. Neither they have the courage to participate in American main stream politics. They are not at all concerned about 3 million Indians living in America with ZERO representation at Federal, State & local levels even in states like CA, TX, NY, NJ, FL & IL where the majority Indian lives.

They are not at all concerned about Indians being murdered, brutalized, racially discriminated and called Cockroaches, Animals, Illiterates and Illegal go home in the presence of Media by Zionist controlled Police Union with impunity from US laws on apartheid & racial equality.

Then they have no clue that New Jersey a state in USA is the most corrupt and racist state in the entire world. This state in 8,000 sq miles for 8.5 mil people has 588 governments in 566 racially segregated towns with uneven population and uneven area. These governments are represented by over 9,000 Elected Unionized Politicians & 400,000 under worked and overpaid employees appointed for political reasons. It’s Governor (Chief Minister) bought the State House for $144 Millions and has the sanity to put it in writing that Corruption & Racism does not come under his jurisdiction in answer to a resident’s complaint about it. Further he has the insanity to pay $6 millions to sleep with the local Labor Union President on the bed of Public Interest (NYT). All of the above makes New Jersey the only state in the entire world which is legally corrupt and legally racially segregated.

Over 3 million Indian Americans are the only minority community in America where 80% members have college degrees, 65% males are in Managerial/Professional/Technical jobs, 45% of the women are employed outside home, 30% of all Hotels & Motels are Indian owned, 7% are physicians and 25% of the Indian families income is 30% higher than all US household. Surprisingly only 40% Indians have taken American citizenship. Most pathetic is; in America also we are divided & regionalized as Punjabi, Sikh, Gujarati, Bengali, Jat, Bihari, UP, Kerala, Tamil, Muslim, and Christian Associations etc. Individuals like Rajbir Singh Datta of SALDEF has the insanity to write to the US Attorney there are 500,000 Sikhs in America rather than writing we are over 3 million strong economically, socially & politically active community of Indian origin.

Datta does not understand no body cares in America for few hundred scattered voters. Factionalism, lack of Unity among people of Indian origin and apathy towards participation in governance, overall picture of Indians in America is of religiously fanatic Petty Traders living in USA for money. We all must Unite and participate in governance of America to change this image.

It is a known fact from the times of ancient civilizations that everything in our life revolves around politics and our political representatives. Unless a significant segment of our 1% population as Indians represent in America, are properly represent- ed at the top or senior levels of Local, State and Federal government-where policy is deter- mined, the budget is distributed, acquisitions, We must become US citizens, participate in US Politics and big business-es owned by Indians like their Jewish counterparts; must bring workers in US legally from India . We must increase our population like Jews in America . We must learn from Jews; with 2.2% of US population they control America with 13% representation in senate & 8% in the House of Representatives . American Indians must have a long term policy to increase their political representation in the larger interest of every Indian settled in America . Factionalized religiously fanatic Petty Trader Indians can be thrown out of America very easily the way they were thrown out from Uganda , Kenya and Fiji etc. We should not let the history repeat itself we must unite for the sake of our children to bring a positive change in our Leadership at all levels and must participate in the governance of America.

 – OE News Bureau

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