Importance of meditation at workplace

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meditation at workplace

It is crucial for office-goers to realise the importance of spirituality and not let the stress of management overpower them while working, says Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji

The topic of ‘management without stress’ in the corporate world has quite popular and is nowadays being discussed in most seminars and plenaries held across the globe. It’s a known fact that corporates spend millions and in some cases even billions to find that magical technique of management without any kind of tension. But still no company has found that technique. Why?

After lot of brainstorming and following a pragmatic approach, it can be said that the art of stress-free management is mainly about using eight Ms, seven Ps, six Ss and five Ts in an organised, useful, profitable and peaceful manner so as to ensure the maximum possible satisfaction of all concerned. The eight Ms are — men, money, material, machine, marketing, mutual connection, mutual relation and means. The seven Ps — productivity and performance, price and profitability, planning ahead of time, pecuniary discipline, publicity, public relations and politeness, punctuality and personal commitments. The six Ss — skill, standard, strategy and speed,  salesmanship, system and structure and social good. And finally the five Ts — time and sense, technology or techniques, teamwork, treatment of each other and the habit of giving thanks. Now, in order to be a good manager, one has to have a good judgement of all these factors and the abilities of innovation, intuition, entrepreneurship and enthusiasm. One should have the qualities of farsightedness, global thinking, humility, integrity and humour. Since competition has been ever-increasing and there are rapid changes in technology and emergence of innovative trends, one must have resilience through such pressures. A lack of this would affect one’s health and happiness and a tranquil state of mind.

If one plans, organises and manages the above factors properly, one can sustain an atmosphere of growth and can achieve success for himself and for all the members of the team. If not, one is bound to fail in life, business, administration and organisational work. Now, in order to attain success in achieving the goal of life, we must add two Ms, Ps, Ss and Ts to the above list as well. These are — moral values, meditation, purity, peaceful and calm personality, spiritual study, soul-consciousness, truthfulness and trusteeship.

If we practise meditation, there would be no mental tension and that is why it is usually explained to managers and administrators that one must give some time to meditation everyday in order to manage and multi-task without letting the stress overpower you.

It should, therefore, be remembered that meditation and management have an intimate connection. They very much go hand in hand. One who can manage well can also meditate well and the vice versa of it is also applicable. So there is tension at many places because there is management without meditation. And in disturbed atmospheres, many might find it difficult to meditate as well. There is thus the need to follow good principles of management in order to be able to facilitate easy meditation at workplaces. This would automatically bring in a stress-free environment and lifestyle for everyone.

Writer: Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj ji

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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