Humans Can’t Love All: Corporation is Key for Survival

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Ajit Kumar Bishnoi says that it is humanly impossible to love or merely like the personality of everyone we meet. However, it is certainly possible to corporate with everyone. Corporation with others is exactly what God, and the universe, expects us to do.

In the Gita, Lord Krishna informs us that human beings should cooperate with one another by doing sacrifices. This way, all can prosper, and this will fulfil everyone’s desires. (3.10) We all know what cooperation means. Still, it is useful to be clear about it. The word cooperation is defined in two ways. These are: The fact of doing something together or of working together towards a shared aim, and willingness to be helpful and do as you are asked. The word sacrifice is not very clear to many. This word is also defined in two ways. These are: The fact of giving up something important or valuable to you in order to get something that seems more important; some that you give up in this way; and the act of offering something to a god or goddess.

Is it not surprising that cooperation and sacrifice have been mentioned as the most important requirements of human beings, and not love? Why? Because love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody, especially a member of one’s family or a friend. And this happens when one sees common traits in another. It is really not possible to love everyone. This example will clarify. A newly married girl moves into her in-laws’ joint family. Is it conceivable that all family members will love her or vice versa? It is for this reason that cooperation and sacrifice have been given more importance in the context of the whole. It is conceivable that all can cooperate and do sacrifices for others even though love maybe missing in many relationships. Can we conceivably love all? We cannot; we don’t even know more than a handful. But we can cooperate with the rest and make sacrifices for others.

Now, I bring God back in the picture. He is the owner of this creation. (5.29) We cannot disregard Him and get very far. This is what happens. When we neglect God and His instructions, we get in trouble. In fact, we perish. (18.58) We see it also. Bereft of peace and happiness, life is very depressing. (2.66) The cosmic design is: God, the material nature with its gods and goddesses, and then all of us souls. We can compare the world with a school, in which there is a principal, and then teachers and staff, and, then all students.

Therefore, it stands to reason that all must work for the same purpose like they do in a school. We must all obey God as students obey their principal in a school. For that we must know what God expects us to do. We already know about cooperating and making sacrifices. What else does God expect from us? First of all He wishes for us to be dutiful, ie we should always do what is appropriate according to time, place and circumstances. For example, we should catch up on a holiday that we have been postponing. Balance the stress on daily basis. Then, we must maintain ourselves and never be a burden on the society. Remember, we have to make sacrifices for others. Where is the question of not being able to support ourselves?

God expects us to take advantage of the cosmic design, in which God is ever willing to help if we get connected with Him. It is God’s duty then to guide us, being omniscient. He is supposed to help us also, being omnipotent. We all realise sooner or later that frequently we are unable to decide properly and implement what we desire to do. Everyone has this problem. God has not left us helpless. If it was so, the cosmic design will be faulty. But we have to obey His rules to deserve such assistance just like a student can get many kinds of help from the principal if he or she is a good boy or girl.

Lastly, God expects the best of us to be role models for others, especially for our family members. (3.21) We should do welfare activities as much as possible. This fits with the concept of sacrifice. This article cannot end without knowing what is dearest to God. He is most pleased if anyone preaches God’s messages to those willing to listen and learn. (18.68-69) What are we waiting for? You cooperate the way God expects and sky is the limit for God’s benevolence.

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Writer: Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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