His Many Responsibilities

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God may be looking upon the countless population, but he keeps guiding each and every one of us in some way or the other.

We may in our ignorance either think that God doesn’t exist or that He is living somewhere above us, not much involved in whatever is going on here. This is far from truth. He is the owner of the whole creation. (Gita 5.29) How can God not be concerned about His creation? Rather, God is very much involved and has many responsibilities. This must be so because we, souls, are rather small and quite helpless to say the least. We need God’s help at almost every step if we wish to exist well. Yes, we have free will and can choose to ignore God, but, then, we more or less condemn ourselves. We keep on struggling till we drop dead. There is neither peace nor happiness. Material achievements do not satisfy us.

Therefore, God must help whoever chooses to turn to Him. Four kinds of persons do so. These are: Distressed, seekers of wealth, inquisitive, and wise. (7.16) God has to respond to all those who deserve, individually. Imagine what this means in terms of responsibility. How many of us are here on this planet? Even a small portion of us will be a very big number. But God handles it; He has to, because this is what He has chosen to do.

Yes, God does delegate some of His responsibilities to His many forms. God also uses many of us as His mediums (11.33); God empowers us. Classical examples of mediums of God are spiritual preachers and writers. Then, there are those involved in social welfare activities. Researchers, scientists engaged in finding what can help the mankind are similarly empowered by God. These are great uses of the human life.

Still, God has to be very active. (3.22) Otherwise, godlessness will spread and there will be unwanted progeny. (3.24) God has to keep encouraging a belief in dharma and goodness. He incarnates; He sends His representatives like Adi Shankaracharya; and He keeps on doing miracles in various parts of the world. It is also God’s responsibility to see that no one misuses his/her power to harm others; He punishes such persons as He punished Ravana. Let us remember that we, souls, have been given just enough power to exercise our free will. If we gather more either by gaining it through tapasya or collecting a lot of people like Hitler did and then misuse it, God must intervene as He did in case of Hitler through His material nature.

This is just one way God is active. There are several other ways. A famous example is of Nostradamus. This man desired to know the future. It is said that He meditated for very long periods over a brass bowl filled with water. God responded and allowed Him to know about the future selectively about which Nostradamus wrote. Mother Teresa wished to serve the humanity, and she needed money for this purpose. God provided her with that and in plenty. It enabled her to serve the poor, the dying, and the destitute.

God is active vis-à-vis all those souls, who aspire to connect with Him and seek His help. God responds to our prayers in the way He deems fit. God alerts His devotees of likely dangers in what they are doing or are thinking of doing. God gives precious intuitions to those who are linked to Him. How does one make spiritual progress? God gives those aspiring to do so through realisations, which cement one’s faith in God. Yes, we have limited power intrinsically as souls but we don’t lack anything if we are connected with God, who is unlimited. He takes the responsibility of all those who do so and responds to them individually.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

Writer: Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Source: The Pioneer

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