Heed the Warnings

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Time to look to the science of Astrology to learn to deal with your suffering.

Each of us come to this world with a Karmic baggage carried over from the past, which has in its store in seed form imprints of potentials and shortcomings. Both or either of them come into play as and when congenial ground becomes available for their fruition. Accordingly, all of us become subject to a mixed baggage of pleasant and painful experiences. Would it mean that our life is helplessly so fated?

Paradoxically, the answer is both yes and no. Should you leave yourself to the usual flow of life, you become subject to the callings of destiny indications. If, however, you look within, figure out and acknowledge your core strengths as well as inherent infirmities, you may make necessary amends. You could address your weaknesses through fresh educative inputs, and also hone your creative potential to optimise your efficiency level. Not simply that you could also explore beyond the known and further improve your creative spirit. Life may then relatively turn into a beautiful experience. Following this very spirit, our learned masters have led civilisational evolution down the ages from its primitive stage. Remember, the average expectancy of life was below 50 years when India gained Independence.

Over the years expectancy of life has grown to 70 years. Would it mean that India’s destiny has taken a positive turn by default? Absolutely not. Medical facilities have improved, and even people have become more health conscious. In all this exercise, conscious human effort has played its part. So, we are not necessarily bound by destiny indications.

Remember, human beings enjoy the freedom to lead their life by choice.  But whenever there is choice in hand, it comes with equal probability of its use and misuse. To overcome this vulnerability, we are armed with the faculty of discriminate intelligence. Applying this exclusive human privilege, we could dispassionately weigh the options in hand, and arrive at the right judgment. The irony, however, is that faculty of discriminate intelligence doesn’t play out involuntarily. We need to consciously invoke it on day-to-day basis, for which ordinary mortals are seldom found conscious about. Ordinarily, our egotistical mind identifies itself with our dream perceptions, and is tempted to passionately pursue it as the end game. In the process, we lose our sense of alert necessary to invoke our faculty of discriminate intelligence for due diligence. Consequently, we fail to discriminate between ‘what we want’ and ‘what is worth pursuing’. We do not try to weigh whether we have the wherewithal necessary to achieve the cherished desire either.  Also, our indwelling weaknesses do not allow us to put in our qualitative best. And when we fail, we prefer to take refuse in our destiny.

The irony is that even when forewarned, people in their egotistical hang often don’t take advisories seriously. It was 2014 end, a well-established businessman, asked me to read his astrological chart out of curiosity. He was warned that a very challenging work atmosphere was round the corner. He should therefore, avoid speculative initiative, and instead work towards consolidating his business, so as to avoid any casualty. He retorted: “My business is going strong. It has been growing from strength to strength. Even if some problems arise, we are resourceful enough to withstand any pressure. Many pundits have indicated that transit Jupiter passing through the 10th house promises further growth of business. How come you are taking a contrarian view?”

“Well, time ahead will speak out.  Looking at the transit of Saturn, read together with dasha indication, you seem to be due for a very tough time ahead,” I suggested. Explaining further, I suggested that on one hand, Karmic Saturn, well aligned to Uranus occupying the 10th house, promises making it big in life much beyond expectations. But at the same time, the same Saturn ill-disposed off to the Sun, Mars, and Moon in succession points to serious difficulties particularly when time runs against you. Now that transit Saturn enters your second house, where from it will first extend its 10th aspect to natal Saturn. It implies loss of hope and lack of support of those in authority. As Saturn moves further, it will aspect its dire enemy Mars and the 10th lord Moon identified with business prospects. That is indicative of a very difficult work atmosphere. The dasha and antardasha operative during the period clearly indicated serious issues with the bankers. Exactly as predicted, the gentleman faced sudden closure of some of his business establishment. The bankers declared his company as a willful defaulter. And the result is there to see.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025 Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: pioneerqueries@bharatastro.com Website: www.bharatastro.com

Writer: Bhushan Padmadeo
Courtesy: The Pioneer

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