God’s Will

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God does not want us to have unlimited desires, especially for lustful enjoyment. Only those which are according to dharma are acceptable. God is much pleased if one does welfare activities.

If we well and truly wish to get guidance and help from God, we have to see the creation from God’s perspective. What is God’s attitude towards the creation – His creation? This can be somewhat understood with the help of an example of an owner of a large cooperation. What does the boss really want? That everything should run smoothly as far as possible. As God owns everything in the first place, His satisfaction is entirely in the smooth running of the creation.

With this objective in mind, God has put the necessary infrastructure in nature, and He ensures that the necessary ingredients are in plenty. As regards the creation, the essentials are sufficient water, air, heat, light and space for all living entities in order for them to exist well. God wants the available water to be used in an optimum manner.

When we waste or pollute the sources of water like rivers, God cannot be pleased. Same is true of the quality of air. When we send pollutants in the atmosphere, we not only fall foul of God, we hurt ourselves, because polluted air causes many health problems. God has made arrangements for sufficient heat and light, which are safe for our existence, unless we deplete the ozone layer that helps to protect the earth from the harmful radiation of the sun.

God has delegated the authority of overseeing the working of our world to gods and goddesses. These they do under the superintendence of God and according to the rules set by God. They record all the details of everyone’s acts — both good and bad. Accordingly, they reward and punish us. Normally God does not interfere with this arrangement; Gods role comes subsequently, if warranted.

God’s guidance is available to everyone if sought properly. One can pray for such guidance with humility; God obliges. He has several ways to communicate including through intuitions. Similarly, God helps us human beings in getting out of trouble we get into by our own wrongdoing. Again, one must deserve such grace (Gita). God has not created us helpless. Yes, we have limited power within ourselves but help from God is always available to the extent required.

God has many expectations from us like any parent would have. He wants us to practice making sacrifices for others like a mother does for her toddler. Sacrifice essentially means to offer to others what one possesses. For example, if a teacher stays beyond regular hours to help a child, that is sacrifice. The focus should be on what you can do for the world and not on what the world can do for you, which is normally the case.

God expects us to cooperate with one another. When one becomes too self-centered, one distances oneself from others with negative consequences. God expects us to be good, ie as pure as possible. Not only does such a mood give a lot of satisfaction but it also brings ample rewards from divine authorities. Same is true of being dutiful. (3.12) Those following dharma become special; they get promoted in the spiritual sense; they make spiritual progress. Such an attitude also brings material benefits. God even empowers such souls.

If we appreciate God’s point of view and follow His instructions, ie we become God conscious, we will align ourselves with God’s design. This is like being an obedient child. Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

Writer: Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Source: The pioneer

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