God’s Blessings: Achievable and Rewarding

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Achieving the blessing of God  may be difficult, but the rewards are phenomenal. The best part is getting benefits right through the process; we don’t have to wait till reaching the goal.

Throughout our lives, we try to achieve some goal, like being self-sufficient, gain respect in society, etc. However, the biggest achievement in a human life is to achieve God. Because as Sanjay has stated in the Gita’s verse #18.78, we get everything desirable like opulence, victory, wealth, morality, when we get linked with God. This is the pinnacle of all achievements.

Before we try to do this, we must know what does this achieving of God really mean? It simply means that we have successfully linked with God by making sincere efforts for a long time. Lord Krishna has put a lot of emphasis on achieving God in the Gita, because of the benefits one derives by doing so. In the verse #7.23, He states, “Worshippers of Gods achieve their mercy but fruits obtained from them are temporary. My devotees achieve Me only.” Because what God gives have permanent values like peace of mind and happiness. (2.66) From the verse #9.25, we learn that worshippers of Gods can obtain what Gods can give, whereas God’s worshippers can get what only God can give, like liberation.

In the verse #9.29, Lord Krishna informs that those who worship God with devotion are in Him and He is in them. This has huge significance. This is like living in a palace. One is well and truly blessed. God begins to consider such a person as His own like a king treats his children. God provides what one does not have. (9.22) God also ensures safety of such a person. (9.22) This does not mean that one’s material body becomes eternal, but God protects like a mother looks after her child. God’s protection is much more significant because He is omnipotent. God can get us out of any trouble (18.58), and there are many troubles brewing in this impermanent place of misery. (8.15)

God gives knowledge and memory. By His mercy, removal of delusion takes place. (15.15) This is a very big thing because we, with our limited knowledge, repeatedly get confused, even deluded. God is so merciful that He destroys the darkness born of ignorance by the shining lamp of knowledge. (10.11) God also frees His devotees from the painful birth and death cycle. (4.9) We all know how painful that is. Starting from birth, one has to be in the womb of one’s mother, which is a small bag, where babies develop prior to their birth. Then, one suffers many growing pains till sufficient immunity is built. Even after that, one is not safe from diseases. (13.8) Then, there is the painful death. Those who achieve God go to His abode. (8.21) This place is not destroyed even upon the destruction of the material creation and all its inhabitants. (8.20-21)

How does one achieve such a magnificent goal? Lord Krishna has guided in the Gita. To begin with, one must have faith that God exists. There are many facts, which will convince us; we need to look for them. We must begin reducing attachment for material objects, fear, and anger. We need to spend time with God and surrender to Him. (4.10) We need to become God’s devotee; worship Him and offer obeisance to Him. (9.34) God even helps those who are linked with Him with love in such attempts; He gives them the necessary spiritual intelligence. (10.10)

In the verse # 11.55, Lord Krishna gives additional details. One needs to perform service to God. I do it by writing spiritual texts. One should accept God as shelter more than money, power, etc. One should try to become free from enmity towards all beings. (11.55) Lord Krishna goes further in the verse #12.8 when He instructs, “Fix your mind on Me only; engage your intelligence in Me only.” What will be the result? One will remain in God only. (12.8)

Yes, requirements to achieve God are a handful but the rewards are phenomenal. The best part is getting benefits right through the process; we don’t have to wait till reaching the goal.

Bishnoi is a spiritual writer and can be reached at spiritual@ajitbishnoi.com

Writer: Ajit Kumar Bishnoi

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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