Every Person’s Wish? Leading a Stress-Free Life

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The common wish of every being is to lead a stress-free life with ease and comfort. The ruth, however, remains that life without stress is inconceivable and, maybe, impossible.  Human life, and the universe, is always in action; and no movement is possible without being met with resistance. Stress, as the word stands, means a set of forces applied on a body or employed in pursuance of a task in hand. Even while apparently idling, a being’s mind keeps working from within, flirting around with uninterrupted streams of thoughts, some of them assumed. And mind by itself is potent enough to successively breed in contrarian thoughts. Bear in mind; even thought is nothing but energy. Not to say anything about being confronted with challenges thrown by competing interests and unforeseen circumstantial constraints.  So, all through the run of life, one has to deal with cross currents of forces.

What, however, really matters is how we deal with the challenges coming our way. Some of us may take it in the stride and intelligently deal with them. The weaklings, on the contrary, may stretch on the problems beyond due, and buckle under pressure. Given a situation, real or assumed, such characters fail to look at the issues in hand in perspective, because of their flawed perceptive and comprehensive abilities. They often come under undue mental, emotional or physical pressure. They may feel mentally fatigued, exhausted, challenged, and could even develop the sense of incapacitation. They may develop a sense of fear and insecurity, mostly on assumed grounds. In such cases, stress takes a negative turn, calling for immediate attention. If left uncared for long, stress may take serious proportion, and could lead to even serious mental ailments, demanding medical intervention.    But given a particular situation, why do individuals respond in varied ways?

The unique character of a being — the preconditioning of individual mind: virtues and attributes, likes and dislikes, habits and attitudes — holds the key. That serves as the defining principle of each mind. A positively oriented mind may handle the usual trials and tribulations of life intelligently in all strength. A negatively surcharged person, on the other hand, may unmindfully fall into stress-trap and start playing the victim card. What’s the way out? The answer lies in awareness. First, look within one’s own self — the core strengths and weaknesses. Self-reflect, identify, acknowledge and address the fault lines, optimise your strengths, and expand your vision. Having optimised the mind-power, explore the hard realities of life, and accordingly reframe your thought process through suitable educative inputs. You may thus get geared up to prudently meet the challenges coming your way with relative ease.

In the above context, let us examine the unique character of a person suffering from stress for long, despite carrying immense potential. Mercury, the lagna lord which is marked with individuality, also the career signifying 10th lord, occupies the 11th house identified with fulfilment of desires. Added to that is the Sun beneficially aligned to Jupiter, Neptune, and Saturn. The two read together make out a potential guy, having excellent leadership skill, positive outlook, strong imagination backed by intuitive ability, and a well-meaning and a self-respecting person. He, thus, is capable of making a mark for himself in life. The negatives in him, however, have been playing spoil sport over his positives and so, he is not getting desired result. Mind-signifying Moon, occupies Gemini sign, which brings in the tendency to live on his own exclusive terms. There is nothing wrong in carrying on this attitude, provided it is well reasoned. The irony, however, is that both lagna and Moon signs are dual by nature.  That gives him a vacillating tendency, which doesn’t let him reason out and take a firm stand in time. Moon again is ill-disposed off to Uranus and Rahu, which accounts for his mercurial temperament and worrying syndrome.

Mars, which is conjunct Rahu, is placed opposite Mercury, and also adverse to Uranus. This implies a temperamental, restless, argumentative, habitually critical of others, and a bad tempered guy lacking focus. His restive mind makes him unmindfully misdirect a good sum of energies towards undesirable ends.  Mercury locking horns with Jupiter holds the key to his impatience, insensible reasoning and judgment. If that would not be enough, Venus ill-disposed off to Neptune makes him vulnerable to losses on account of his indiscrete speculative decisions. Jupiter placed adverse to Uranus makes him headstrong and opinionated.  Unless he addresses his fault-lines, he can’t get the best out of his positives.

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Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

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