Dance, Music & Yoga – The Way Ahead To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

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Dance, music and yoga are common bases that are integral for every human being to live a healthy life, says reporter, Shruti Chaturlal Sharma.

India is a rich country in terms of culture and traditions as it has multifarious art forms, such as Yoga, Indian classical dances and music. Although people are familiar with music and dance from ages, still it is restricted among a few. On the other hand, yoga has become popular among people and reached a new level in past few years.

We researched and experimented for three years and formed a new concept — Euphonic yoga — which brought together all three main art forms, which are identified with India on a single platform. Many might be surprised but yoga, dance and music do have a common base. This base is not outside but exists within us. According to the Vedas, our body is divided into 114 chakras but only seven of these are the main ones. These chakras are basically energy centres of a body where energies from various nadis come together and form a vortex.

The first chakra is known as the Muladhara chakra. Physically it is located in between our legs and is responsible for creating stability in life. It is also the location where Kundalini Shakti resides. Once the chakra is activated the energy breaks the barrier to enter the next chakra.

The chakra system is also based on musical notes. And the musical note for this is ‘sa’. The raga based on this is raga Jait and raga Shyam Kalyan. Yogasanas like Padhastasana and Chalan of Kuchipudi and Odissi coupled with these ragas have found to have enhanced and rapid recovery in a person who had a paralytic attack. Doctors prescribed him medication which he coupled with Euphonic yoga. Yogasanas helped in strengthening the muscles as well as nerves in combination with raga Jait which helped in regaining stability and confidence to walk once again. The practice also included Mayur Chalan of Odissi. This further enhanced the rhythm of legs.

Similarly, a lady, suffering from an acute imbalance of thyroid levels which had drastically slowed down her metabolism which resulted in an increased tendency to gain weight. A specially personalised schedule of Euphonic yoga was designed for her. In a span of 15 days, results started showing up. Her thyroid level started stabilising for the first time in five years, because of which her tendency to gain weight also reduced, helping her to lose weight in a healthy manner. After a month, when she got back from the doctor she reported of having balanced thyroid levels.

A close friend was suffering from stress and anxiety due to erratic sleep patterns and hectic schedule. After attending a session of Euphonic yoga, he practiced it and became an ardent follower. He practiced Shavasana and yoga Nidra after which even with less sleep he was more relaxed and more focussed.

Under our production, Euphonic Yoga, we have introduced the initiative, “Can and Able” empowered by Shruti Chatur Lal Sharma, Suman Kanawat and Sumant Sharma where we also envision a society where differently-abled and lesser-privileged kids have better opportunities to head towards their holistic development.

This enables them to utilise opportunities to make them self-reliant, independent and help them to lead a prosperous future. They believe in the healing power of passion and with special education, creativity and empowerment, leading to a brilliant future, helping them with employable skills, coupled with access to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

While training, Euphonic Yoga also carries the positive attributes of learning and development practices such as communication skills, voice modulation practices in a healthier way, team building activities, gratitude, listening skills, emotional intelligence and being able to think out of the box to name few where these kids lead the way — an extraordinary example of being the rockstar and proving their capabilities around the globe.

The workshops and lecture demonstration events have led to an improvement in mind and body coordination increasing efficiency and productivity; improving alertness, interpersonal and listening skills, a great stress buster reducing stress,  anxiety and instilling positivity; improving concentration, decision-making skills and multi-tasking; stimulates memory; inset strong positive energy enabling more of team spirit; restores heart rhythm and balances the body while controlling diabetes, arthritis, spondylitis, obesity, laziness while reducing the effects of many other major diseases.

Euphonic Yoga began as an effort to rekindle that inner spark by Shruti, a dance and music enthusiast, and Suman, who has Yoga and its fundamentals in every fibre of her being. This concept aims at emboldening the pranic waves running through our systems and symphonising yoga and music to achieve the higher magnitude of an individual. Due to its unconventional, yet effective and result-driven approach, Euphonic Yoga has found an audience among adults working in corporate spaces where executives are looking to increase the efficiency of their employees. It doesn’t matter who you are and what your issues are, Euphonic Yoga is for everyone. It helps women going through the difficult phase of menopause by relieving them of stress. Children benefit by learning an art which will help them become better individuals with an expansive view of the world and its spiritual workings. Senior citizens have also found peace and order in the ways of Euphonic Yoga.

Euphonic Yoga is a unique force, bringing intimacy between you, your body, mind, and spirit. Like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, you will feel free and ready to tackle life and its challenges in the most positive and optimistic ways.

Writer: Shruti Chaturlal Sharma

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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