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Guided by indwelling samskara, Mind, first excites desire trends, and then nurses them. The desires, in turn, excite corresponding thoughts, which when further gravitate following continued reflection in mind, translate into action.

As water resources get recycled, as has been discussed in the previous issue, human life too, reincarnates following the death of the gross body. All through the run of life, a being goes through a continued course of learning and unlearning, acquiring varied knowledge and skill sets, virtues and attributes.  Also, one picks up lot of negative imprints, coming as they may with unpleasant experiences one would have had. We are also left with lot of unfulfilled desires. All these memory imprints picked up during our lifetime get carried over to our next incarnation, which sets the premise on which the new course of life takes off. To know how and why, a look into human construct and its dynamics become imperative.

Going by Vedantic perception, every living being is structured in three layers — the causal, astral and gross bodies.  All three, animated by the resident power-house, the soul (consciousness element) working as integrated performing-self of a being, holds the key to all aspects of our dynamic existence. Causal-body holds in store, memory imprints of all Karmic accruals from the past life, whereby it carries in seed-form programme layout of the emerging life. It is also believed to have in store the ideal on which stands our dynamic existence. This could be intuitively unearthed as did ancient India’s learned masters, to get to know the operative guidelines on how to steer life in conformity with the laws of nature.      

Astral-body takes forward the programme layout to gross-body for implementation in visible terms, and also lends it with the energy vital to performance.  It also provides the platform on which all aspects of mind-functions operate. Remember, the memory imprints one carries, are laid down almost in a software programme-like energy format.  As and when a particular memory imprint finds congenial ground, it immediately comes into play. Astral body does also feed causal body with impressions of the fruits of actions performed.    

Upon death, it is just the gross-body which first becomes dysfunctional and then disintegrates. Thereafter, all fundamental elements of existence — Prithvi, Ap, Agni, Vayu, and Akasha, constituting a gross-body — revert back to their respective source in nature. The causal and astral bodies that are pure energy-formations remain intact. Guided by the soul, they move on with all in-store memory imprints, to acquire a fresh body encasement.  These incoming memories define what we call our destiny indications. Now, to figure out how the destiny indications come into play, a look into the chemistry of mind becomes imperative. The memory imprints carried over from the past provide the premise on which mind-functions take off. And it varies from person to person, coming as they may with varied experiences one would have gone through, making every being unique. These imprints involuntarily build individual specific self-belief, also termed as samskara, which account for one’s desire-trends, in-laid potential and weaknesses.

Evidently, the fruits of action to follow will bear the imprints of the character and content of the desires nursed and corresponding thoughts excited thereto. The impression of fruits of action — enjoying or frustrating — get carried over to the memory store for further add on. This way, we invariably remain trapped in the circuitous web of our own making.

It may not be out of place to mention here that the whole course of nature is so designed and with such precision as to act in a self-automated mode. That leaves no scope for any external agency adjudicating our actions and administering our destiny.  So, “As we sow, so shall we reap,” remains the driving spirit of a being in almost autopilot mode. This is the premise on which ‘the law of Karma’ stands. So, how we conduct ourselves in life — be it out of one’s own volition, guided by indwelling samskara, or under any external influence — will define what we become due for qualitatively and otherwise. Thus goes the saying in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad: Sayatha Kamo bhavati, tata kratura bhavati; yat kratura bhavati, tata karma kurute; yata karma kurute, tadabhi sampatyate.  It literally means: You are what your deep driving desire is; as your desire is, so is your will; as your will is, so are your actions; and as your actions are, so is your destiny.” To sum up, it is our mind, which lets karmic accruals from the past blossom out in real terms. Continued…

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him at G-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025Tel: 91-11-49848475/9818037273 Email: Website:  

Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo

Source: The pioneer

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