Corruption Runs Deep, Even in Inventions

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Corruption Runs Deep, Even in InventionsRajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj Ji says, “Humans destroy even the inventions meant for the good. To stop that, one needs to elevate oneself.”

It’s a fact that anything and everything that was created by man for good purpose, from medicine to technology, has eventually been corrupted for ill purposes. For example, man invented dynamite and that discovery was hailed by all. Initially, it was used to break hard rocks and later it became a weapon for war. Similarly, television was born as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century as it helped people connect, learn and entertain themselves by sitting at one place. The advancement in satellite technology brought in the cable T.V. network, which flooded viewers with numerous choices, and then came the greatest gift of science for the modern man which is known as the internet. It promises everything, be it unleashing unlimited information, connecting people or providing entertainment, all at a click of a mouse. There is no doubt that science has touched and revolutionised everything on this planet. However, before passing any judgement, we need to see as to where exactly have we finally landed today? And, how has  refinement in science and technology refined human life.

As on today, the technology of warfare has left dynamites far behind and it has now taken the shape of deadly weapons of mass destruction, which are a major threat to world peace and has the potential of destroying the entire human race. Similarly, through television, families take in a daily dose of violence and sometimes misinformation, in the form of biased news and nudity. While it is in the form of entertainment it fuels anxiety, hatred and violence. According to a recent study, by top online security company Symantec, around 53 percent of the world wide web is  porn sites and six out of every 10 internet users visit one porn site or the other. It is also estimated that approximately one million children access pornography websites each month because there is no foolproof method to stop children from accessing such contaminated material. As a fallout, we see the crime rate shooting up and the world increasingly becoming unsafe for women and children. All this makes one think that why does it happen that what was initially conceived as the harbinger of better times turned out to be the biggest evil of its age, and an invention once made to serve humanity ultimately ran amok like an untamed animal? We must understand that a scientific leap becomes a boon or a bane depending on the consciousness of its user and its result is determined by the quality of his/her intent and the purity of his intellect. Thus a person who is unclear of the original purpose of the creation, devoid of benevolence or the idea of larger good, is bound to misuse the invention, turning it into a bane. Just like a weak master is bound to be overtaken by his slaves, spiritually weak human being often uses scientific discoveries to meet shallow ends. Thus, defeating the larger purpose of science that is  to benefit humanity. A scientific invention rests safe with a morally upright man because to him the discovery would not be something that grows on him, inflate his pride and divide him from those around, but just be a thing of utility. Hence, he will be well aware of the fact that the creator is mightier than the creation and thus he would know when to use it, how and how much to use it for the good of everyone. Remember! A noble mind guided by a pure intellect is the perfect combination for making the world both comfortable and secure for everyone.

Writer: Rajyogi Brahmakumar Nikunj

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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