Challenges of policing in India

Challenges of policing in India

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I had been watching the News where you have made statements that the Policing has to be strong. This is the standard statement being made by you all in Media as and when any incident occurs. I had been communicating with you all about the sad state of affairs while managing police. The Chief Minister of Delhi claims that she had been demanding for almost 10 years that the Police should be under control of Delhi Govt.

I fail to understand why the successive Governments have failed to address the core issue that ails Policing in India. Despite after 65 years of independence, our Governments continue to be entertain British Mind Set that Policemen should be treated as dirt, low paid so that they would engage in Corrupt practices and then can be used for managing Political rivals.

I had conducted study on Police working that was shared with you all almost three years ago and also last year the trailing mail was sent by me but none of you even bothered to acknowledge the receipt because you all are provided with Sarkari car and Sarkari Security all around. You all are escorted by Cops in and around markets, railways stations, airports and last but not the least on the City Roads. Therefore, you all never thought to respond to the emails leave alone acting on the suggestions. You all are blaming Police and Public. For you all the members of public are guinea pigs who assume importance only before Election.

The fact remains that the police is used, abused on 24 x 7 basis, ill equipped, untrained and under paid leading to frustration. This also fact, if a Cop leads honest life annually he/she suffers a loss of Rs.5,500/-. The Tughlaki order passed by the present Commissioner Police that SHO shall be present in Police Station round the clock is classic example of British mind set.

It is also matter of fact that large chunk of Police force is deployed on safety of the Politicians who have criminal track record. The Question arises why Criminal Politician should get protection at the cost of Common Citizens and Law & Order. The statement of Delhi CM that shies fighting for control over Delhi Police for last 10 years is a cruel joke because both in Delhi and at Central Govt., the Congress is in driving seat.

Therefore, the is an urgent need to look into the matters that ail Policing in India as per attached Article. As evidence of my efforts to solicit your attention I am also forwarding the trailing mail that was sent by me on Fri, Nov 28, 2008 at 8:10 AM, that never saw the light of the day. It is the high time that you should start taking the citizens seriously and stop using Police like Britishers.


Why Policing fails in India?

Policing is a specialized job and requires deep concentration, planning and strategy. Therefore, in order to have effective policing, it is utmost important that professionals be inducted in the Police Force. All along we have seen that the Police Officers are shifted from Local Policing to Traffic Police and from Traffic Police to Crime Branch and from Crime Branch and from Crime Branch to Special Cell.

Without meaning any disrespect to the serving police officers from the rank of Sub Inspector onward we had sought for educational qualifications of the officers posted in the Traffic Police Delhi. Apart from seeking details of professional qualification we had also sought for details of professional Qualification of the officers deployed with Traffic Police Delhi under Right to Information Act 2005. A scanned copy of the reply is attached with this mail.

On perusal of the details it was observed that the Educational Qualification ranges from Matriculation to normal Graduates. A few are found to be holding degree in B.Sc or M.Sc. or Post Graduate. It is also observed that a simple Arts Graduate is handling legal Cell of Traffic Police in Delhi. Now the question arises when an Arts Graduate is faced with the Planners who are Engineers while planning the City Roads or the Lawyers in the Courts who practice law day in and day out, a simple Graduate cannot compete with the competence levels of the those Engineers or Lawyers. Therefore, the Police are bound to fail. Now the question arises when the same officer is transferred to other branches of Policing, again the situation is the same. Once again by virtue of lack of professional qualification, his performance is retarded. Such Officer cannot compete with his Counterparts working in other departments.

During British regime the Police was paid low salaries with intent that they can be used in any manner the way they wanted at that time. The Professional Qualification at that time was never the criteria. Unfortunately post independence once again we find that the Police Constabulary or junior officers continue to be low paid jobs with almost 24 x 7 duty hours for days together without any leave. Once they do not have time to relax where is the time to train them?. Whatever they learn is hit and trial method even during so called training programs. The constabulary being the first face of the police that faces common citizens is suffering not only from stress and fatigue but is also suffering from the financial losses but also is being ill-treated both by the Legislature as well as the Executive.

In case professionals are inducted in the Police Force in India as happens in other Countries, the cop would not cook food in the house of senior cops or would not take the family of the Senior Officers for outing in Official cars. Similarly such cop would also not succumb to the pressures exerted by the Politicians.

I had been watching on Electronic Media very often after every incident, the way it has happened in Mumbai today that rocks the nation both Politicians and Bureaucrats allege Intelligence failure or failure of Policing in India. But the moot question that why no steps have been taken to professionalize and modernize the police force in India.

Unless immediate steps are taken in this regard both the Civilians and Police officers would continue to be soft tar- gets as the civilian does not have capacity to protect himself and the Police Officers cannot perform after wearing Bullet Proof Jacket weighing 35 Kg. thus would continue to die like Inspector Sharma or Hemant Karkare and his colleagues in Mumbai. By this mail, I seeking your immediate attention and intervention in the matter because as a Nation we cannot afford to permit such glaring mistakes.

Compulsion to be Corrupt Police

All of us had been hearing a lot about corruption in Police and in fact it is a matter of fact. A lot has been said about Police Reforms but the shocking part is that the Police Constabulary being the first face of Police that faces the general public and the key of cog wheel of investigation has been ignored even by fifth pay commission.

We have collected information under Right to Information Act, 2005 from Delhi Police, Punjab Police, Haryana Police and Uttar Pradesh Police. Since I have more information available with me about Delhi Police so I thought it fit to comment on Delhi Police only. It has been observed that each constable living in far flung area, with small family having two school going children, without any savings to his account, shall have either to beg or borrow an amount of Rs. 5,000to Rs. 6,000 each month for below average standard of living.

During British regime the police was always under paid with a specific agenda that once underpaid they would indulge in corruption and under the threat of removal the Britishers would force them to act as per their own whims and fancies against the Indian freedom fighters and they succeeded. In view of the information provided to us it is felt that even the mind set of present rulers has not changed.

Deficit per month Rs.755.00

1. Excess of Expense on account of washing over allowance: Rs. -33.33

2. Excess of Conveyance: Rs. -1,900.00

3. Motorcycle Maintenance: Rs. -300.00

4. Mobile Phone Expenses: Rs. -500.00

5. Share of Expenses on account of unclaimed Dead Body: Rs -2,000.00

6. Total Deficit per month: Rs. 5,488.33

In case the constable opts for insurance policy or any other saving scheme and gives pocket money to school going children or indulges in a luxury of giving any simple gift to his wife once in a blue moon the deficit would go up by another Rs. 2,500.00 per month. This amount is exclusive of the money spent by the Cop on him- self during duty hours or commuting from Home to place of Duty & back. Therefore the total deficit would go up to Rs. 7,988.33 per month. Now to meet this need of bare minimum amount he is bound to indulge in borrowing as he cannot beg thus to repay indulge in corruption.

Thus  indulging  in  corruption  is bound  to  reflect  on  his  working  efficiency,  law  enforcement  and  investigations. The issues like Nithari or Prof Sabharwal,  Jessica  Lal  or Priyadarshini Mattoo shall continue to crop  up  very  often.  The  BMW’s  shall continue  to  mow  down  the    innocent people  and  get  converted  into  trucks over night. Thus indulging in corruption is bound to reflect on his working efficiency, law enforcement and investigations. The issues like Nithari or Prof Sabharwal, Jessica Lal or Priyadarshini Mattoo shall continue to crop up very often. The BMW’s shall continue to mow down the innocent people and get converted into trucks over night.

The Blue Lines would continue to recklessly kill the road users. The overloaded trucks would continue to damage the roads, cause pollution what ever we may say about global warming leading to accidents, quantifiable amount of damage to life and property and loss to the State Exchequer. Not only this they would also continue to be arrogant defiant,ruthless and reckless in their day to day life. They would continue to disrespect and even kill their colleagues and seniors out of sheer frustration.

Therefore, unless we address this root cause of corruption and pay reasonable salaries no reforms are going to work and improve the system. Law enforcement and poor and shoddy investigations would continue to be the first causality. Therefore, in fitness of things it is utmost important that the issue is at least now dealt with properly and it is ensured that the lower constabulary is paid reasonable salary so that tomorrow if they do not perform they can be punished. In addition to the reasonable Salary, there is a need to put in place a system to ensure that no Cop has to bear the expense of giving decent burial or performing last rites of unclaimed bodies.

I have not considered the expenses the cops end up spending on purchase of stationary for the police station, other expenses while treating the visiting officials. I have visited web site of Delhi Police. Though under Right to Information a full disclosure about the Budget under different heads is to be made but it is not available. Who cares in Government and general Public lacks voice. Babus please come out of your deep slumber and shed British mindset before it is too late.

– OE News Bureau




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