Bridging Gap b/w Supreme Court and High Courts in India

For the court processes to be more meaningful, effective and credible, the idea of setting up both regional and functional Benches must be explored The Congress, in its manifesto for the 2019 general elections, proposed the setting up of a

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Honour is at Stake

Due process needs to be followed to expose the truth behind the allegations against the CJI, for every citizen’s sake. Social activist Swami Agnivesh summed up the controversy over sexual misconduct allegations against the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Ranjan

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Is the Anti-defection Law failing to deliver?

Defections have continued despite the implementation of the Anti-Defection Law. It is now up to the next House to review the law to strengthen our democracy Our parliamentary system is largely modelled on the Westminster order — relevant provisions of

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The growing influence of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Law

With increasing dominance of Artificial Intelligence in many fields, it has now become a boon for law, says Dr Purvi Pokhariyal   There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a dominant technology in our daily lives. Whether

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The women who dared to bring a change

International Women’s Day is a good occasion to celebrate the spunk, grit and bravery of marginalised women, who spoke up for their rights passing all hurdles Courage comes in different forms. A few weeks ago, it came in the form

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EVMs Being Hacked Being a Hot Topic: Another Way of Undermining Democracy

Let us get one thing straight, even a stand-alone electronic machine, no matter how simple, can be manipulated. If you have the knowledge, expertise and time, you can hack your kitchen appliances like a toaster or blender. If you have

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Supreme Court Rules in Favour of Dance Bars

A few decades ago, dance bars and cabarets were common across many metropolitan areas of India but they came to define Mumbai nightlife and were made even more glamorous by Bollywood. They then mutated to becoming a conduit into the

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Contempt of Court and Judges

While the freedom of speech and expression gives all citizens the right to criticise courts and judges, it does not encourage contempt of the same. Last month, the Supreme Court set aside a contempt order, which was passed by the

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Poor DNA Analysis Responsible for Low Conviction Rates in India

In a country like India where sex crimes are quite high, it is unfortunate that we’re behind in the collection and analysis of DNA from crime scenes, leading to poor conviction rates. Forensic DNA is the world’s most effective crime

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Laws Against Terrorism

Laws against terrorism rely more on social conditioning of the accused and less on reasonable evidentiary support. The international community has always faced a quagmire in its desperate attempt to give a definition to terrorism. After all, one man’s freedom

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