Fugitives Give India’s Time-Consuming Investigation Process the Slip

Long investigation process in India gives accused time to vanish into thin air. So you become aware that some Indian investigative agencies are acting against you or might act against you. Whether that is because you have been accused and

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Challenges of Bill on Data Privacy

The recommendations of Srikrishna Committee on data privacy bill are strong in intent but there are many challenges ahead. The Justice BN Srikrishna Committee’s report on data privacy that was submitted to the Government this week is a landmark for

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New Law On Its Way for NRI Marriages

The Indian Government is mooting a new law to stop exploitation of NRI marriages. Finally, the Government is considering not just legal redress of abandoned NRI wives but ensuring that errant suitors-turned-husbands are penalised for exploiting the marriage market at

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Section 377 of IPC, a Legacy of the British Government; Must Go

India bequeathed an archaic law on same-sex relationship from the British. A Supreme Court Bench headed by Chief Justice, Dipak Misra should finally rid India of that anachronistic law that criminalised all sex against the course of nature. Section 377

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Chief Justice is the master of roster

Finally putting an end to the long pending dispute, Supreme Court bench ruled that The Chief Justice is the “master of the roster” and has the power to assign cases. Earlier Shanti Bhushan’s petition had called for a panel of

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SC Passes Orders for Proper Management of Odisha’s Jagannath Temple

The Supreme Court on Friday engaged the Centre to set up a committee to study how temples of architectural and cultural importance across the nation are being managed, particularly in the interest of devotees and utilisation of offerings/donations. Finally, it

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SPECTRUM MUDDLE Delhi High Court must fast-track the 2G scam appeals on daily basis to bring justice

Demanding for fast tracking in 2G cases appeal, on the very first day of hearing of CBI and ED’s appeal on May 25 in Delhi High Court, the Special Public Prosecutor Tushar Mehta said the 2G Scam is a monumental

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Assam: Thousands Join Mass Hunger Strike to Protest against Citizenship Bill

The protest against the citizenship bill 2016 has gained push in Assam as thousands of people from different section of the society joined a full day hunger strike in Guwahati on Tuesday disapproving the bill. The mass hunger strike organised

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Tamil Nadu : Sterlite Protest Update

The major issue with Tamil Nadu politics is that no one has raised the issue of pollution seriously. The killing of 11 protesters, highlighting the environmental and health impact of Sterlite copper-smelting plant on the fishing community in Tuticorin, amounts

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Parliament’s Power of Making Laws Can’t Be Usurped

Legislature, Judiciary, and Executive, the creators of the Constitution, are the three major organs of the state. Powers among them are isolated. The decision taken by them and the laws made by them can’t be usurped by anyone. Unlike England,

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