British Labour Party Appeaser of Terrorists?

British Labour Party Appeaser of Terrorists?

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On Wednesday 25th September 2019 the cat was finally out of the bag. And what may you say am I referring to? It was the day when the British Labour Party under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn passed a motion during their annual conference that can only be described as anti-India and pro-Pakistan. The resolution was proposed by Uzma Rasool and Seconded by Cllr Neghat Khan and supported by Naz Shah MP and Kaneez Akhtar.JKSDMI (Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement International) led by Cllr Yasmine Dar, Chairperson JKSDMI UK and Mohammed Azam were active participants for the motion and Raja Najabat Hussain, Chairman JKSDMI, was also present at the Conference. I give you this information to show the infiltration that has taken place in British politics by the Pakistani community. I refer of course to the British Labour Party which one can say is increasingly becoming Sharia compliant.

There was outrage from NRI, PIOs, the HCIL and of course from Delhi. This was quite surprising to me. After all, why the outrage? The Labour Party has not hidden it’s anti-India, anti-Modi and even anti-Hindu credentials from anyone. They have openly campaigned against India and Indian interest. Infact, it was Labour Party MPs who put forward the motion to place a Visa ban on the then CM Modi. It was the same Labour Party that objected to PM Modi and his visit(s) to the UK. It was the same Labour Party that had tabled several anti-India and anti-Modi EDM (Early Day Motions) in Parliament.

We have ALL known for more than a decade that the British Labour Party under many of its previous leaders, including its present leader Jeremy Corbyn, has steadfastly followed a course of action that has been pro-Pakistan. They do so because the huge Sunni vote bank of Pakistani heritage has leveraged its position to such an extent that politically they now control the narrative of the Labour Party when it comes to India and Pakistan.
I have written several articles since at least 2014 in which I have explicitly made it clear to all the readers the anti-India underbelly of the Labour Party. I know that both HCIL and Delhi are fully aware of the politics of the Labour Party. Yet, and this is what is so astounding, we Indians have given a platform to our enemy at every given opportunity. Some Labour MPs and Councillors seem to have a free pass to walk in and out of HCIL. They are invited to all the key functions. They are wined and dined. They are given the stage to narrate their fake support for India to keep the Indian voters on side. Even Delhi is guilty of such practice. Some Labour MPs and Councillors have had access to the corridors of power since 2014. How is that possible? Ask yourself a simple question. The Government of PM Modi allowed MPs from the Labour Party to have access to Delhi for their photo-shoots, the very political party that sought a Visa ban on CM Modi and the same political party that campaigned against PM Modi’s visit to the UK. Think about it folks, what on earth is going on with us Indians? How stupid are we that we allow our enemy into our homes to exploit us? Is this any different to the invaders who enslaved Bharat for some 1500 years? They did so because the ‘Sepoys’ of Hindustan sold the people out for their own privileges. It seems very little has changed. The white man in London still wants to tell the Indian how to do things. Only this time it’s the Labour Party.

It was only after this public embarrassment that the HCIL cancelled its dinner at the Labour Party conference. Yes, you read that correctly, the HCIL has been hosting dinners at the Labour Party conference for many years. Why on earth would the largest democracy, one of the biggest emerging economies belittle itself to a British political party that spits in its face? Is there no honour? Where is the Lion of Bharat? It has become a little kitten being patted by the British Labour Party that treats all Indians with utter contempt. Is this going to be the new emerging superpower called India?

So why is this happening? Well let’s be clear. We have operatives representing India in London, as well as those who run Delhi who have quite honestly let the side down. They have relied on their friends as advisors. The only problem, these so-called friends are in fact members (or ex-members) of the Labour Party. Think about it, we have got Indian officials who are advised by people whose first loyalty is to the British Labour Party.They know who they are, as do I. I have just heard that some of them are claiming that they had left the Labour Party many years back. Interesting because those very same people have been campaigning for the Labour Party at local elections, General Elections and in fact, even for the Pakistani Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. Yes, the same Sadiq Khan who sat on his backside whilst the Pakistani goons were violating the peace outside the HCIL on the 15th of August. Think about it, the Indian Consulate was attacked by Pakistani goons whilst the Pakistani London Mayor turned a blind eye and the Police stood by and watched. Indian men, women and children at one point had to seek sanctuary within the HCIL building itself. And even after such open provocation, the HCIL thought it would be a great idea to host a dinner at the Labour Party Conference. Think about the utter madness of those in senior positions. Would a British or American consulate ever allow anything like this to happen? Never.

I highlight this uncomfortable truth so we can set the developments taking place in some sort of context. In my view Pakistan has played this brilliantly. They have over the past 4 decades spent millions of pounds to ensure that grassroots organisations, and grassroots champions of Pakistan are resourced well. Many are full-time operatives. Their sole purpose to fight the battle against India. They have infiltrated the Labour Party which is now becoming Sharia Complaint. This infiltration is embedded to such a degree that proportionately Muslims are represented significantly more when it comes to positions as Councillors, or MPs or even in the Lords. A terrorist nation such as Pakistan has used the oldest trick in the book, spend money and it has resourced its supporters so they can fight the local battle. And what has India done? Nothing in comparison. In fact, the champions of India who have fought the battle with one hand tied behind their back have never been supported. They continue the fight because they are true Indians. They do so at their own expense and they put their lives at stake each and every day. And for all their effort what do they get? Nothing. Why you may ask. The answer is the ‘Sepoys’ who are the gate keepers to the Indian hierarchy ensure that no one of competence gets through, lest they outshine them. If the PM of India wants to know whose advice he should seek when it comes to the UK (or even America) then one call to Dr Swamy will do the trick. He will tell them the facts as they are on the ground.

Whilst I have outed the HCIL for their oversight, let me turn to the hundreds of organisations representing Indians in the UK. These might be Mandirs, Mosques, Gurdwaras, community centres and so on. How many of their presidents have written to Jeremy Corbyn to demand that the motion be rescinded? How many of these organisations will entertain Labour MPs and Councillors during our upcoming Dussehra, Navratri and Diwali celebrations? You see, we are our own worst enemies. These Labour MPs who have stabbed us, not in the back – but directing in our chest facing us, will be invited to contaminate our sacred religious and cultural events. The modern day ‘Sepoys’ thrive in our organisations because we the public could not care less about what they do. Every one of us who shouts and screams temporarily on this Labour Party motion will be the same people who will remain silent when these Labour anti-India politicians come to visit our events. Not all organisations are the same though. Thankfully we have got some organisations like the Hindu Forum of Britain and the National Council of Hindu Temples that have historically exposed the true face of the British Labour Party. They get attacked from both the lovers of Labour as well as the ‘Sepoys’ from within. I take this opportunity to commend them for their efforts. If only all our organisations and leaders had the same Dharmic courage, then so much that is wrong can be put right.

Let us come back to the original point of the Labour Party passing a motion that is anti-India with respect to Jammu and Kashmir.As early as 2009 I traced an EDM in the British Parliament that is anti-India on Kashmir. It was signed by Jeremy Corbyn who was just an MP at that time. Now he is the leader of the Labour Party that wishes to form the next Government. Meaning Jeremy Corbyn wants to be the next British Prime Minister. Just take a breath and give that idea some thought. Now do you see how far back the Pakistani hand stretches. For decades they have patiently invested time, money and energy in cultivating the Labour Party so that when the time comes, they would have their support. Of course, the game is not over yet! But it’s time for India and Indians to grow up. British Indians who continue to vote for the Labour Party, let us be clear, you are traitors. Yes, that is indeed a strong word, but it represents my genuine belief of their actions. When people vote for a political party that is hell bent on destroying your ancestral heritage, then what else can we call them but traitors. I say to all of them, you alone are responsible for the mess you help to create when you vote for this anti-India party. The buck will stop at your door.

For India, for how long will you give privilege and access to those who undermine the nation? I know the Indian Government is securing advice from certain PIOs and NRIs. Let me make it clear, these people are or have been members of the Labour Party for years. Their best friends are the seniority in the Labour Party as well as in the House of Lords. Do you honestly think their advice will ever be truthful? These PIOs and NRIs might be friends of the BJP hierarchy, but they are traitors to India and Indians. It’s time people in Delhi woke up to ground reality and understand what is really at stake. With respect to the UK I have conducted a straw poll on Indian origin politicians in the Labour Party. I wrote to the MPs and also to Labour Councillors in Leicester (the city which has such a huge Indian population). Let me list out these people for your reference: Indian Origin Labour MPs: Keith Vaz, Virendra Sharma, Lisa Nandy, Valerie Vaz, Seema Malhotra, Thangam Debonnaie, Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi and Preet Gill. Leicester City Indian Origin Labour Councillors:DeepakBajaj, Padmini Chamund, Ratilal Govind, Rashmikant Joshi Manjit Kaur Saini, Rita Patel,Hemant Rae Bhatia, Vijay Riyait, Gurinder Singh Sandhu, Kulwinder Singh Johal, Nita Solanki and Mahendra Valand.

Having sent them reminders to ensure they understood their response was required to my questions to them, to date only two have responded. What does that tell you about these Indians in the Labour Party? When faced with the truth of their treachery, they exhibit cowardice of the highest order.

The two responses (I thank them for their response):
“I am very disappointed that this motion passed at Labour Party Conference. I was not at Conference I was instead working in my constituency with schools, community groups and the police. Kashmir is a matter for India to address internally as decided by their own constitution and laws. Britain cannot preach the rights of self-determination but deny them to India itself.” Virendra Sharma MP And ‘I’m actually very pained and shocked by this motion taken by the Labour delegates. I firmly believe that it is India’s internal matter and no foreign political party has any right to intervene in such a manner. I’m writing a letter to Jeremy Corbyn along with many other Cllr colleagues and copying our respective MPs to object to it and seeking for it to be withdrawn. I have also posted my rejection on Twitter.’ Cllr Hemant Rae Bhatia.

I suspect if I were to ask every single Indian origin Labour Councillor the same questions, the vast majority no doubt would go into hiding. They care more for their seats than their heritage, their faith and their bloodline. As far as I can assess, I believe not one Indian from the Labour Party stood up on that momentous Wednesday to defend India at the Conference. Some might have been away from the conference but that still does not mean they cannot object to this absurd motion of lies and fake narrative by the Labour Party.

Where does this leave of us as far as the UK is concerned. Well fortunately the Conservative Party is actually on the side of India, broadly speaking. If you recall, it was the Tory PM Cameron who invited and gave an astounding welcome to PM Modi. Who can forget the scenes at Wembley Stadium? British politics is in a bit of a pickle at the moment. In this climate it is now inevitable that a General Election will take place. Probably in November. Under normal circumstance one would be fearful that the Labour Party might come into power. However, my reading of the situation is that when a General Election is finally called, the Conservative Party will win and come in with a working majority. This is great news for India and all Indians, but it’s no thanks to PIOs or NRIs. The proportion of NRIs and PIOs still voting for the anti-India Labour Party is still too high. I am hopeful that this final shameful act by the Labour Party has exposed its anti-Indian mindset. That as a result we will see a dramatic shift of Indian voters to the Conservative Party. We Indians need to put in power the Party that is more likely to be on our side. It may not be the perfect Party with the perfect manifesto, but our bottom line should be, will they stand by us? And if the answer is yes, then that’s where your vote goes.

The Jewish community has almost as a whole now transferred their allegiance to the Conservative Party. They faced racist antisemitic behaviour by many in the Labour Party. They saw the Labour Party passing motions against them and in the end, as a community they realised their well being in the country would be dependent not on the Labour Party, but the Conservative Party. It’s time we took a leaf out of their play book, it’s time to nail our colours to the Conservative mast.

If India and Indians cannot see the writing on the wall, then we know only too well who to blame.

Kapil Dudakia – Writer is prominent Indian voice based in U.K. & Bureau Head of Opinion Express.
Twitter: @kk_OEG

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