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Uk politicians bless the queen a broken kingdom so now the sun never rises on the british empire again Uk brexit alert!! Stop all your investments/ trade sales deals with uk/british companies who are already sinking in debts so that you do not lose anymore of your assets or lives!

Prime Minister Theresa May and Many UK/British Politicians have betrayed the Queen as well as the good people of the UK and committed treason with lie after lie. Now 31st October 2019 is the extended final European deadline. They introduced the UN Migration Compact and lied about it not being legally binding. Even on smart countries that refused to sign it. Then they will try and rig the EU elections in May 2019. In the meantime they will concoct another anti-Trump hoax AND another fake Russia poisoning/ war threat so that the rest of the world (hopefully NOW…more sane) supports their little Island. They have recently arrested Julian Assange of Wkileaks who with his team only shared the truths and real facts with the rest of the World so that more understanding and more peace can prevail without anymore illegal wars! Julian Assange was forcibly arrested from the Ecuadorian embassy and now the UK Government are preparing to extradite him to the USA so that they can get in the good books of how great they are when they, the UK government and their “un-intelligent” services Christopher David Steele, plotted to destroy President Trump and his election campaign support by creating absolute lies, false Russia links dossier tarnishing Mr. Trump’s character. It is the UK british interferring in the usa elections “not” russia and stopping good american democracy which nearly triggered world war 3 with a peaceful russia and china! The USA government under Donald Trump should also extradite Christopher David Steele and ALL the UK Government ministers/people involved! If USA government wants Julian Assange they should also get Christopher David Steele and his British brainless involved!

The present UK Government has fuelled terrorism not just in the Uk/Europe but across the World with arms sales, regime change soldiers, terrorism funding of groups in Syria, Afghanistan, yemen, Pakistan, Iraq and in India.

The present UK government/many British politicians have fuelled corruption, bribery scams and offshore banking structures for tax evasion benefits for themselves while destroying the lives of good people in the UK and throughout the World. They (The Bank of England) continue to hold (stolen) Venezuela’s Gold reserves of $1.2 Billion that the democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro needs to feed his people and billions of pounds of Indian/ Pakistani black money accounts which would help the governments collect legitimate taxes which would increase the building of rural/urban infrastructures/ education and law systems of both countries.

As Their Brexit unfolds in the coming months and European Countries further boot them out of all businesses/trade deals stop all your investments/ trade sales deals with uk/ british companies who are already sinking in debts so that you do not lose anymore of your assets or lives!

Europe will be safer without UK/British lies, false flag terrorism acts, fake news and war mongering, in fact… the World will be safer if it paid less attention to this little Island which now, they themselves, have made it a “Broken Kingdom”. The many millions of people of the Broken Kingdom are also to blame in many ways starting with whom and what they voted for and elected to be slaves of. They put the British politicians in power to represent them fairly and peacefully BUT they themselves have been betrayed. A lesson for ALL good innocent people across the World and especially now in India Elections…please be very careful when casting your votes at the next elections as you are not just voting for yourselves, you are voting for the future of your children.

The peaceful leaders of the World who wish for more sane lawful ways of life while protecting their own Countries people and their cultures/ customs are President Putin of Russia and President Xi Jinping. They continue to unite good peaceful countries, people in R.I.C.A/SCO with their magnificent vision of OBOR and with unbiased true education with job creations for the people/youth.

The NRIs/PIOs, living the UK after Brexit should take their assets/financial savings out
of Broken Kingdom/British companies/British financial banks and re-invest back into India, Pakistan, R.I.C.A/SCO. It is time to give back more to your motherland and to create more job opportunities and business trade sales so that your Countries people can prosper more peacefully while your children always remember the true history culture and traditions of you and your ancestors who fought to free the Countries lands from the British Raj/British Empire. In the 21st Century with all its technology advancements the Western Mainstream media cannot white wash the real truths with anymore fake news to brainwash or mislead the innocent good true people of this world.

India and Pakistan must peacefully unite on several fronts without having any western political games, western fake news, western false flag terrorism acts or western politicians/businesses
infecting their countries/peoples true values of what is right in this world.

After the India elections of 2019, the new leading party of India must strengthen closer ties with its neighbours of China, Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, South East Asia and Middle East. Closer ties should also be made with African Countries and some South American Countries who are not swayed or puppets of western Imperialism. The new USA Companies and Native American businesses should be included once they have been fully verified and licensed by us at the World Homeland Security/Smartechno Group Of Companies with our C8IND Meta Modules software/ Humint hit squad units so that the risks are completely eliminated while the trade and sales deals/projects are successfully as concluded without any losses. We are there increasing peaceful justice and true education for all good peaceful people irrespective of one’s Country, Culture or Religious Beliefs so that more peace prevails so that our children can grow and blossom being more human caring towards each other. It is not hard to make a decision when you know what your “True” values are!

(Writer is Global Chairman and Group President of The World Homelandsecurity/ Smartechno Group of Companies) www.

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