As You Think, So You Become

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You must watch your thoughts

Characterised by thoughts playing through the mind, perception drives a being to do what they do. Evidently, the character and content of thought define the way we conduct in life, which in turn, account for the fruits of action we become due for. So it is said: “As you think, so you become.”

The question now is: What accounts for varying thought trends of an individual, characterising each being as unique? Even twins are found to be exhibiting varying mind-tends. For an answer, a look into the chemistry of mind becomes imperative.

Each mind primarily gets going on the premise set by a stockpile of Karmic imprints carried over from past, as a sequel to cause-effect chain driving all actions on the part of a being. These impressions involuntarily define individual specific belief patterns, which holds the key to inherent desire-trends, habits and attitudes. According as the desires nursed, mind excites corresponding thoughts, which then gravitate following reflection in the laboratory of mind, translate into action. The habits and attitudes define the quality of efforts put in.

The question now is: Are we just a slave to our indwelling Karmic imprints? Paradoxically, the answer is both yes and no. Should we just leave ourselves to the usual thought flow of mind, we remain stuck to their implications. If, however, we invoke our buddhi (the faculty of discriminate intelligence), we could filter off the undesirables and make a reasoned choice in life. For, intrinsic to buddhi is the sense of dispassion, applying which, we may judge things aptly, and accordingly make necessary amends. But bear in mind; buddhi does not play out involuntarily. It needs to be consciously invoked.

The irony, however, is that often, our ahamkara (the sense of ‘I’ consciousness), identifies itself with the inherent mind-trends, and then gets tempted to passionately pursue them. And in egotistical overdrive, often one does not feel the necessity to invoke buddhi for due diligence. Here comes the role of Astrology, which may help identify and overcome mental limitations. For, it is based on the energy mapping of the cosmos at the time of one’s birth, which serves as a measure of Karmic imprints carried over from the past. One could thus figure out the basic fabric of mind’s making with a fair amount of precision, as energy knows no bias, and make necessary amends.

So goes the saying: “Watch your thoughts, they become words; watch your words, they become action; watch your actions, they become habit; watch your habits, they form your character; watch your character, it defines your destiny.”

A case in point is that of a lady in her late forties and yet not settled in life. Trying to be a perfectionist by her self-defined parameters, she is actually stuck to her self-delusions, distanced from ground reality, and not open to look beyond. She detests following well settled societal norms but does not know how to go about either. She is yet to find out someone who may prove true to her 25 points check-list.

Let us now look at her astrological pointers. The luminaries, the Sun and Moon are ill-disposed off to each other, both locking horns with mischievous Neptune. That makes her stuck to self-assumed whims and fancies. Habitually an escapist, she would not acknowledge truth on its first appearance, and continue passionately pursuing her self-defined perceptions on hope against hope. Also she is emotionally volatile. She can’t take any advice kindly if it is not in conformity with her self-defined perceptions. She rather gets over-exercised.

Saturn placed opposite the Moon, and also crossing path with Mars, makes her habitually suspicious, impatient, irritable, and argumentative. Also, it gives a negative orientation to her thought process. Intelligence signifying Mercury is ill-disposed off to Uranus as well as Jupiter. This, in the first place points to her scattered brain not able to remain focused for long. And the fact that the Sun is placed adverse to restive Rahu, she often misdirects her energies unnecessarily brooding and contemplating on trivial issues. Second, it accounts for her fuzzy thinking, impaired reasoning and judgment. Third, it makes her unconventional, eccentric, and opinionated. Fourth, she has a vacillating mind not able to take a reasoned view in time. And if ever things do not move on expected lines, she develops nervousness, and depression sets in. She really needs to work upon her thought process afresh to move forward in life.

The writer is an astrologer, vastu consultant and spiritual counsellor. Write to him atG-102, Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi – 110 025

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Writer: Bharat Bhushan Padmadeo
Courtesy: The Pioneer

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