A Glimpse of the Power of the Mind

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Even in individual terms, most of us wish to make it big in life, and accordingly set our dream destinations. Dreams are necessary for people to reach heights they are capable of. Since time immemorial, the Moon has fascinated and evoked man’s curiosity, seen every day — yet unknown. A longing to know and understand it led scientists to send man on the Moon. But not everyone’s dream comes true, non realisation of which often brings in frustrating experiences.  Why? Are we so helplessly fated?

There is little doubt that we are all born with immense mind-power, carrying limitless potential. If we could access, unfold, and optimise our indwelling potential, one would know no limits.  Our power of freewill aided by the faculty of discriminate intelligence, helps us achieve this end through conscious efforts. Provided, we are aware of our true nature — with all the core strengths and weaknesses. The paradox, however, is that our mind-power ordinarily remains under cloud; for, it remains under a lot of self-acquired limitations, coming as they may as the effect of Karmic residuals carried over from the past. That restricts the scope of our vision. Mind, the mover and shaker of a being, thus fails to have access to major part of its landscape, thus limiting our indwelling potential.

Seen in real terms, we are all born with a preconditioned mind in terms of our desire trends, virtues and attributes as well as habits and attitudes. That sets the usual trends of our ongoing life.  What further compounds our problems is ego, which doesn’t let us look beyond our preconceived limits. With such a narrowed vision, we fail to look at issues in hand in the right perspective. Consequently, often we are not able to make the right choices in life, and with obvious consequences. When we meet failures, instead of looking for our own inadequacies for necessary correction, we try to find refuse in our destiny. Truth, however, remains that we don’t succeed or fail in life simply because that would be so scripted in our destiny. We fail in life only when we do not strive sufficiently to address our limitations and unfold the immense power within. In the process, our evolutionary potential gets compromised, leaving us restive from within, which in turn doesn’t let us process our thoughts objectively.

The irony of the whole situation is that caught up in the usual mills of life, seldom does one care to figure out one’s own limitations. Instead, people keep looking for a probable promising moment in future. A couple of years back parents of an errant young man came seeking guidance on how to bring him back on the rails. Following a look into his chart, they were told that the young man’s thought process seems to have become incoherent, calling for immediate medical intervention. They got badly offended. “Our child has gone mad — is that what you mean? Just suggest the probable time frame when he is expected to behave responsibly, and remedial measures if any necessary,” they retorted.  “I have offered you my piece of advice. It is now your call,” I humbly suggested. Meanwhile, the young man’s condition has been getting worse day by day. He often turns violent, abusing elders and at times has even assaulted them. He has wasted a huge sum of money in the last couple of years.

Let us now look at his astrological pointers. Lagna lord Sun as well as mind-signifying Moon are locked in adverse formation with Uranus and Neptune.  That, in the first place, accounts for his mercurial temperament. Second, he should be self-willed, tactless, and unstable. He would be an escapist, stuck to his delusionary dream perception, and not open to look beyond in search of better options. He may not acknowledge truth on its first appearance and would rather continue pursuing his own dream perception undeterred. Third, he may not be keen on taking pains to achieve something by himself. He may wish from his elders to meet all his demands. Intelligence signifying Mercury is placed adverse to Mars. That makes him restless, lacking focus, bad tempered, irritable, hyper-critical, and a habitual liar. Mars ill-disposed off to Saturn, makes him suspicious, impatient, bad tempered and evil minded. It also gives him a revengeful attitude. Venus opposite Uranus and Neptune brings in self-indulgent tendencies. All put together makes him vulnerable to mental disorder, calling for sustained psychiatric help.

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Writer: Bharat Bhushan

Courtesy: The Pioneer

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