Energise India-Japan partnership in tertiary education, innovation

As India embarks on long overdue reforms of its tertiary and professional education systems, including promotion of research culture in the universities, there is merit in diversifying the partners with whom it seeks deeper engagement in this area. India’s in-

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Foreign Press sings Mahi tune

From the Guardian to the Sydney Morning Herald, captain cool Mahender Singh Dhoni’s captaincy is being praised across the cricket playing world. His decision to promote himself up the order and bat under pressure, his captain’s innings 91 of 79

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Saffron Gandhi

Is Varun BJP’s New Hindutva hero? Bharatiya Janata Partyon Monday rejected the Election Commission’s advice to it not to nominate Varun Gandhi as candidate in the Lok Sabha elections and declared that he would be the party candidate in Pilibhit. “He

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