The India, USA, Israel combination has rattled China a lot

The India, USA, Israel combination has rattled China a lot

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The India, USA, Israel combination has rattled China a lot. Post Prime Minister Narendra Modi recent successful visits to USA and Israel, China has up the ante to disturb India’s international progression. It has provoked Pakistan to keep Kashmir valley hot and on the eastern front, PLA has pushed troops on various places on India China 4000 KM border to keep India engaged on military front. The way the Chinese government conducted itself during the recent 72 day long Doklam stand-off it would appear that they were following this advice to the letter. There were empty threats, psychological war in the media, videos of military drills, intemperate statements by official spokespersons, reminders of India’s 1962 defeat and aggressive bluster.

On the contrary, oth the Indian government and media showed a far more mature response by emphasising that the solution lay not in a call to arms but on the negotiating table. Maintaining diplomatic dignity, MEA’s statement on 28th August announcing the agreement to pull out did not in any way show the Chinese down; on the contrary, as was widely observed, India gave China plenty of face-saving room. The Chinese statement by comparison was shrill emphasising that it was the “trespassing” Indian troops that withdrew first and that Chinese troops shall in future continue to patrol the area. There was only a muted reference to making necessary adjustments in their troop deployments. This probably force the MEA to come out with a second statement clarifying that disengagement border personnel had been almost completed under verification from both the sides. It was clarified that both troops and road building equipment had been removed by China from the face-off point, implying the PLA’s construction of the road towards Jompelri wherein the genesis of the crisis lay, had been put off. Two days later MEA announced that Prime Minister Modi would be visiting China for the upcoming BRICS Summit during 3-9 September.

Fake God Man and Genuine set back to religion: The Dera Sacha Sauda has its roots in the Radha Soami sect. Its founder Khema Mal aka Balochistani Shah Mastana, was a disciple of Baba Sawan Singh of the Radhasoami lineage. The Congress and BJP’s political and financial support to Dera Sacha Sauda is singularly to blame for the present mess, the mere perception that Ram Rahim was larger than law has fueled the violence. The motorcade of 200 cars, over 1 lakh supporters around court, hapless administration present an extremely sorry picture of the governance that Modi has promised in 2014. It is imperative that Prime Minister must take the situation under his direct control because he is a symbol of maximum governance and people of the country trust him. The com- promises in governance even at state level will hurt brand Modi simply because people of Haryana had voted for BJP keeping in view Modi’s credibility and face. Lastly, people of the country must own responsibility of following quality religious leadership. India is a land of Jagatguru Adi Shankara, Guru Nanak Dev, Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Praramhansa Yogananda and many more. We should be careful in selection of Guru and Saints; there should be strict no God Man policy to be adopted by people to discourage fraudulent conman taking over the physiological control of innocent people. Instead of blaming politicians, people must own responsibility for creating social mess and a bad name to the glorious Hindu Sikh religion.

Fire & Fury: The two aggressive leaders of USA and North Korea have brought the entire world on its knees. Donald Trump narrative of fire & fury and Kim statement of hit- ting US by ICBM has resulted in escalation of tensions in entire world. Japan and South Korea are living in constant fear of missile attack but unfortunately China is proceeding with its stale strategy of promoting rouge states namely North Korea and Pakistan by supporting them with funds, technology, business collaboration and nuclear technology transfer resulting in making the world a deadly place to live in. KIM Jongun may have hidden a secret message to the United States in his blustering boast that he is now ready to lob missiles at Guam. But can President Trump understand it? Surely worlds need better statesman’s to overcome this unusual stalemate.

– Prashant Tewari, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Jo S Birring
    #1 Jo S Birring 9 December, 2017, 12:43

    Most insightful article that expresses valid facts and the troubling times ahead for the World/innocent people in 2018. The real peaceful powerful countries of the World
    ( Russia China Iran and Syria) are already combining together with a long term action plan that counteracts the crazy countries blowing “Trumpets” of Troubles. The western countries are finished in more ways than one in 2018 as Debt, unemployment and their homegrown/state sponsored terrorism continues to erode their societies because of their publics lack of education/common sense at the voting polls. R.I.C.A (Russia, China,Iran,Africa) is the New World Order of Peace. The present Indian politicians need to think longterm about the General Public of India before embracing criminal countries involved in illegal wars/creating more problems for innocent people throughout the World. 2018 will be a year of many more realities that we will all see as the year progresses.

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  2. appearing
    #2 appearing 23 January, 2018, 23:19

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