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Iran’s Chabahar Port Opens New Opportunity for Trade and Transit between India-Afghan

Iran’s Chabahar port has provided a strategic edge to India. The achievement of Indian goal in the region will rest on a stability of Afghanistan. This implies that India still have to keep revising its strategic options. Chabahar is a

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Evolving Corporate Treasury: Transactional to Strategic

According to the new strategic role, corporate treasurers have to alter their roles to become consultants or advisers to businesses on prospective economic risks that will directly influence the business value chain. The role of the corporate treasury is evolving

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Business Report by SBI: Delayed Payments under MNREGA Decline to 6-Yr Low

A delay in payments under the guaranteed rural employment programme ‘Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Government Act(MNREGA)’ fell to a 6-year low of Rs 67,956 crore last fiscal ended March 31, said a SBI research report on Monday. The amount

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