Business Consulting

Business Consulting


OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS is promoted by Opinion Express Communications & Entertainment Pvt Ltd, to provides high skilled management consulting to both private and government sectors. Management consulting indicates to both the industry of, and the practice of, helping organizations improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing business problems and development of plans for improvement. 

OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS bring their own, proprietary methodologies or frameworks to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for recommendations for more effective or efficient ways of performing business tasks. 


Organizations hire the services of management consultants for a number of reasons, including gaining external advice, access to the consultants’ specialized expertise, or simply as extra temporary help during a one-time project, where the hiring of more permanent employees is not required. Because of their exposure to and relationships with numerous organizations, consulting firms are also said to be aware of industry “best practices”,


OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS provide organizational change management assistance, development of coaching skills, technology implementation, strategy development, or operational improvement services. OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS provide excellent M&A opportunity to clients, help in facilitation of Joint ventures, provide inputs to create public private partnership platforms, provide assistance in super speciality security arena through its channel partners at global level.


Management consulting grew with the rise of management as a unique field of study. The first management consulting firm was Arthur D. Little, founded in 1886 by the MIT professor of the same name. After World War II, a number of new management consulting firms formed, most notably Boston Consulting Group, founded in 1963, which brought a rigorous analytical approach to the study of management and strategy. Work done at Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, Booz & Company, and the Harvard Business School during the 1960s and 70s developed the tools and approaches that would define the new field of strategic management, setting the groundwork for many consulting firms to follow. In 1983, Harvard Business School’s influence on the industry continued with the founding of Monitor Group by six professors.

It was only after World War II, in the wake of the development of the international trade led by the USA, that management consulting emerged in Europe and later shifted focus to Asia. The current trend in the market is a clear segmentation of management consulting firms.


OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS refers to the provision of business consulting services, but there are numerous specializations, such as information technology consulting, human resource consulting, and others, many of which overlap, and most of which are offered by OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS

Current state of the industry

Management consulting has grown quickly, with growth rates of the industry exceeding 20% in the 1980s and 1990s. As a business service, consulting remains highly cyclical and linked to overall economic conditions. The consulting industry shrank during the 2001-2003 period, but has been experiencing slowly increasing growth since. In 2007, total global revenues for management consulting are expected to exceed the $300 billion mark.

Government Consultants

The use of management consulting in governments has increased significantly in recent times. Booz Allen Hamilton (now split from Booz & Company) is particularly well known now as a consultant that primarily serves the US Federal Government. Deloitte Consulting LLP applies its industry expertise and decades of experience to helping government departments and agencies solve their toughest problems. In India agriculture finance corporation limited provides consultancy mainly to governments and related institutions. OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS aims to provide integrated world class management consulting services to various governments through its super specialised pool of strategic partners and personnel force spread globally.

Human Resource

Mr Prashant Tewari B.Com, MPA and MBA from top Universities has tremendous work exposure in both the public and private sector. Mr. Tewari is the founder of OPINION EXPRESS GROUP and various other business entities in India and abroad. He is working closely with leading investors from the US, and the Middle East in Media, Energy, Education and Real Estate Development. Prashant Tewari is extremely active in politics, he has advised former Prime Ministers of India and Mauritius on critical governance issues. The concepts of e-governance and community development are his core specialty subjects wherein his role is applauded throughout the world.

Dr Rahul Misra is a seasoned academician, researcher, consultant and entrepreneur having fifteen years of teaching and consultancy experience both in India and abroad. He is qualified as an accountant in INDIA, the UK and USA. He is a Commerce Graduate from India, Fellow from the Institute of Business Administration, UK and American Academy of Financial Management, USA. Dr. Misra is having a keen interest in the field of forensic accounting, financial engineering and equity research. He has written numerous articles and is presently writing two books in Financial Accounting and Economic Crime.

Divyansh Bajpai is the Executive Director of Marketing for Opinion Express News Network that is in the process of locating and executing business projects in India and abroad. Divyansh has extensive business and management as well as IT related experience. Having graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in Computer and Information Science, Divyansh worked for and eventually started a successful branch office of Nova Travel Inc. He subsequently moved to the world of finance by first founding a successful mortgage brokerage and then moving to a senior management position with First Horizon Home Loans (then a division of First Tennessee National Association and now a division of Met Life). Simultaneously serving as a senior regional (Northwest Region) level advisor and fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee, culminating in a substantial contribution to the record breaking fundraising and political operation of President Barack Obama.

RAI SINGH has exemplary bureaucratic career, he was Selected for the Indian Foreign Service, but opted for the IAS. Allotted to U.P. Cadre of IAS in 1972 / Retired in June 2003 as Chairman, State Administrative Tribunal and Vigilance Commission, Up in the Super Time scale of IAS, in the rank of Chief Secretary.

Served Government of Uttar Pradesh and Government of India in different capacities, such as SDM Dehradun, District Magistrate in Chamoli, Jalaun and Pilibhit, Divisional Commissioner, Registrar of Cooperative Societies, Secretary of different department, Member Board of Revenue, CMD of Sugar Corporation, COE & DG of National Cooperative Union of India, Director Agriculture, Director of State Police Ministry of Home Affairs – Government of India etc.During President’s rule in Uttar Pradesh, served as Secretary (Advisor) to three Governors namely Shri Moti Lal Vora, Shri Mohamed Shafi Qureshi and Shri Romesh Bhandari.

He has graced several international organisation like ILO – Geneva, CICOPA, ICA, AGITCOOP.

Mr. VIJAY G. KALANTRI, is a one of India’s leading industrialist with vast experience in the field of management, power projects and ports. Besides being the President of AIAI, he is also the President of the Indian Council of Foreign Trade(ICOFT) as well as the President of the Indo-Polish, Indo-Arab and Indo-Mauritius Chambers of Commerce; Vice President of MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai and the Bowling Alley Association and holds various other interesting and challenging portfolios across various industries which includes panels of Reserve Bank of India Committee, Central Government Committees.

 Mr Kalantri has also been a speaker at various conferences and is involved in the Clean and Green project of the Mega City of Mumbai. He is also a Director of the World Trade Association, N.Y. Some of his past achievements have been the president of All India Manufacturer’s Organisation (AIMO) & Association Of Machinery Merchants Textile Stores Of India (AMMTSM). To his credit he is a director of various leading industries such as VIP Industries Ltd., Man Industries Ltd., Indian Acrylics, Hindustan Housing Finance & Development Corp., and Vindhyachal Hydro Power Projects Ltd., Dighi Port Ltd and Balaji Infrared Projects Ltd. He has been honoured with various awards such as the “Rajasthan Shree” For outstanding services for Industry, Award for assisting In Collection Drive For Ex-Servicemen by Collector of Mumbai, & International Youth Award by American Bigraphicals Institute. He is also been a Director on various boards such as Dena Bank & Canara Bank.

Ashoka Kumar Thakuris India’s most sought lawyer practicing in apex court of India. He is member of Supreme Court Bar Association and life member of Bar Association of India. He has B.A. ( English Hons with Economics ), M.A. ( English ) & Diploma in Military Science.

Ashoka K Thakur keep on appearing in various cases at the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, CAT, Company Law Board, National Consumer Disputes, Redressal Commission, and in all most all the High Courts of India and various Inquiry Commissions, Tribunals, MRTP, CLB, BIFR & Arbitral Tribunals handling number of cases emanating from Administrative Service, Constitution, Penal, Tenancy, labour, customs & excise, Intellectual property, Contract, cyber, debt recovery, land acquisition, University, Environment, forest, banking, Service laws.

Ashoka K Thakur has represented private and government clients with success and he is having extremely high professional standing in legal fraternity.

Chandra Kumar Bajpaiis an internationally known technocrat having global business exposure in high tech technology. His unique work exposure clubbed with western education make him a USP personnel and consultant with our core team. He is educated in Faraday House Eng. College London UK, DFH in Electrical Engineering (Equivalent of BSEE) & McGill University (CIM) in Management.

C K Bajpai is a consultant in the area of Information Technology especially Internet based and E-commerce. His experience with Crompton Greaves Ltd. is rated extremely highly by corporate India. He has Started TV factory in Indore as profit centre head of Consumer Electronics Division (88-91).• Took Informatics group from Rs. 30m to 520m with creation of 4 divisions i.e. Computer distribution, Networking system, Software and Office automation. tied up with World-class companies as partners in system integration. Compaq – Partner for Nodes and Servers, Madge (Lannet): Partner for Hubs, chassis based and workgroup based switch, RND: Partner for Routers and Bridges and Layer3 switches, RIT: Partners for Cables (UTP, STP and fiber) and Cable components and Cable management system, AT&T Paradyne: Partners for Modems (Analogue and Digital) and XDSL, Intel: Partners for low end Ethernet switches, Daewoo: Partners for Fax machines, Microsoft: Partners for Packaged software (Windows, NT, Back-Office).

Achievements Holder of 2 US Patents, Vice Chairman of IEEMA’s Electronic group, Professional Engineer of Ontario Canada, Member of Compaq Partner Council, Lectures on IT and E-Commerce at PHDCC.

Air Marshal Ramesh Chandra Bajpaiis one of the most distinguish and decorated highest ranking Service officer of Indian Air Force. Air Marshal is having glorious educational qualification starting from Ph.D (Electronic Warfare), IIT, Delhi. (1994), M Tech (Radar), IIT, Delhi. (1973), M Sc (Physics), DAV College, Kanpur. (1959), Graduate of National Defence College, Delhi. (1988), Advance Diploma in Russian Language JNU, Delhi. (1974) that confors him an eminent position is strategic Defense planning during his active career with Indian Air Force. He is trained in USA and Italy on Maintenance of Electronic Warfare Equipment.

 Air Marshal Bajpai is a Fellow of Institution of Electronic and Telecommunication Engineers and Fellow of Aeronautical Society of India. He is recipient of PARAM VISHISHT SEVA MEDAL & ATI VISHISHT SEVA MEDAL by the President of India, This is the highest national award given to a person in recognition of his distinguished service of the most exceptional order.

Air Marshal Bajpai is having tremendous work experience in Planning, Designing and Installation of communication Networks in the Indian Air Force. He has handled Operation, Maintenance and Modification of Signals, Communication, Aviation, Avionics and Radar equipment. Setting of Radar and Communication equipment, Frequency Management and Control. Furthermore, he planning, designing and implementation of computer networking in Air Force . He Established Electronic Intelligence Cell in Air Force and Planned, Designed, Procured, Installed and Operated Electronic Warfare equipment in the Air Force and laid down standard operating procedures. As a founder member of “ASWAC” Organisation under Department of Defense R&D , initiated a large number of Lead-in-Projects for the implementation of AWACS program. Management and Control of Air Force inventory running into millions of items, through a chain of Equipment Depots. Overall Management and Control of Base Repair Depots engaged in repair and overhaul of Aircraft, Aero-engines, Missiles, Radar and Communication equipment.

Kapil Dudakiaa senior seasoned and experienced professional who has a diversity of experience across many sectors of international business, and a professional career in education. He graduated in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Cardiff University, possesses a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and is a member of both the MIET and MIITT.

As an educationalist he quickly rose to the top.  He was appointed by the UK Government as a national schools inspector (OFSTED).  Thereafter he started his own business and now works in areas such as: Petroleum products (buying and selling of Petro products), Construction (Hospitals, Infrastructure, Hotels and commercial), Pharmaceuticals and Real Estate (high value investment properties in the UK).

He is well respected for his community and charitable work and is currently a trustee of the Fremantle Trust that provides care facilities for the elderly. His perceptive insight into the socio-political dimensions affecting the UK, and other parts of the world, has prompted leading ethnic media to secure his services as a guest columnist.

Pushkar Saxenahave over 14 years of experience with the Information Technology (IT) in Computer Software Applications Development with an emphasis on Software Engineering, Software Project Management, Technology Development and Consulting.

 During his career as an IT professional, he have provided services to leading organizations in the industry across various domains like Healthcare diagnostics, Employee Benefits, Manufacturing, Industrials, Enterprise Solution Providers, and Automotives along with Banking and Financial Services providers. He have worked as a Quantitative Equity Research Analyst with a leading Japanese investment banking and securities firm, in process have gained indepth experience of Japan business environment.

Pushkar nourish Entrepreneurial spirit that always inspires him. He have passion for life, believe in the power of positivity, posses the ability to adapt, and nurture great ambitions.

Business Opportunity

Be our representative in your country:

If you know the local political elite personally, if you are dynamic and have a great capacity for organization, we are interested in you joining our team.

Build our local agenda…

At OPINION EXPRESS CONSULTANTS we know how to work as a team. We value the work of our collaborators and we offer the best incentives for them to stay with us.

Building agendas in each country is a tough task that needs time and constant attention. To work with the media, organize events, offer our services to candidates, and draw up consulting agreements, takes long hours of local work.

To take care of these jobs we need the best people. Those people who, thanks to their training and experience, have professional recognition, direct, personal links with their country’s political elite and who are dynamic, efficient and not willing to be underpaid for doing a specialized job.

You can be our representative in your Country or State. Send us a contact message or a résumé at We will get back to you shortly and we hope you will join our team

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