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Nov 1990 – Opinion Express Company was incorporated.

Dec 1992 – Opinion Express MAGAZINE was launched in India by then Prime Minister of India

Sep 1995 – formed Opinion Express Consulants

June 1997 – Investment in Travel biz initiated

Oct 1998 – Opinion Express News Paper launched in Mauritius

Jan 2000 – Business vertical expanded to hospitality sector by investment in Hotel & Restaurant Chain

Mar 2002 – Media training school launched to impart state of art training

July 2003 – North America bureau launched

Feb 2005 – Content and syndication tie up signed with Pratham Pravatka ( Hindi Magazine )

Sep 2006 – UK bureau launched

Jan 2007 – Dubai strategic alliance announced with Royal family offshoot entity in Consulting

Sep 2008 – Prime Minister of Mauritius graced the Opinion Express function to award distinguish media awards

Dec 2010 – Media partnership in the Global Economic Summit with AIAI ( All India Association of Industries ) announced

June 2011 – Awarded Political consulting work by Embassy of Japan in India

Nov 2011 – Singapore Media tie up announced

Feb 2012 – Strategic exposure in ICT harware announced with Pantel Tech / BSNL

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