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Content & Satellite TV Channels for Broadband Bouquet

In an era of convergence, the technological advancements made in the Information Technology and Telecommunication industry, OPINION EXPRESS GROUP has synchronized a delivery system wherein, the typical Indian content can be disseminated through Broadband delivery/ Electricity cable network in as many countries where PIO population is located. The concept will be unique & compelling enough to attract the users, so we have designed the delivery system and content selection with extreme care.

Based on the current situation, OPINION EXPRESS GROUP is launching EXpress TV to beam India/Arabic centric channels, streamiang proper delivery system and the content syndication. The future of media business will be a perfect combination of entertainment with communication. This would entail, both the user and service provider, to interact, to demand, hence gauge the required service, mutually viable. This would hence provide both the service provider & the user at large, to continuously communicate the needs, hence be networked all the time, anytime, from anywhere.

Online Telivision

Online television, or Online TV, is television distributed via the Internet. Previously television was only distributed via cable, satellite, or terrestrial systems. Today with the increase in Internet connection speeds with broadband, advances in technology, the increase of total number of people online, and the decrease in connection costs, it has become increasingly common to find traditional television content accessible freely and legally as online TV. In addition to this, new online television content has appeared which is not distributed via cable, satellite, or terrestrial systems.

Online TV can come in many forms. For instance, it can be watched on a regular TV via a Set-top box, or on a computer, or on a portable device such as a mobile phone. Online TV can show a channel live like regular TV, or allow the viewer to select a show to watch on demand like Video-on-Demand. Online TV can involve any budget productions, from home camcorder productions to expensive professional productions. Online TV can be protected from copying, or easily duplicated as a perfect copy. It can also be free or paid service and may be supported by advertisements. Online TV can also be an interactive or passive medium.

Online Television services have at least two different types of models, Fee based and Free:

Fee based online TV services are generally funded and supported by large telecom providers and is based on a subscription fee, adding new features like high-definition TV, video on demand and digital video recording. The usage of online protocols to provide two-way communication will also open the way for interactivity with the online TV program content, for example making it possible to choose between multiple camera angles, vote on an interactive TV show, or order a product sample.

Target Subscriber & Profile:

 ExpressTV Focus & Advantage:   

  1. Focus to target Indian Diaspora
  3. Subscriber, not be limited to specific region/ continent/Telecom circle
  5. User convenience, to get total package of multi genre & language, at an optimum price
  7. Create interactive learning process, both K12 format & professional courses, that help subscriber to develop knowledge online
  9. “Always” Online option to keep people networked, for all the necessary help or guidance
  11. Option to cater channels both to PC & TV.
  13. Payment online, hence restrict the overheads, thus increase profitability


Value Added Services:  Will be a key business module & service to retain the Indian Diaspora fraternity   

  • e-Education
  • Online Embassy (local & India) link Facility
  • Online Money Transfer Facility
  • Online Travel booking facility
  • Online services …


Global Technical Partner of EXpress TV will be SPL Solutions-Singapore & Soshacom-Canada, both the companies will provide for facilitating the delivery system. The technical delivery system with integrated multi usage outward passage will look like this

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