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Opinion Express, a print media initiative, was launched in 1992. A brainchild of Rajiv Agnihotri (Publisher) and Prashant Tewari (Editor-in-chief), it was intended,after initial forays in the domestic market, to turn global and cater to the needs of the Indian Diaspora.

While this audience was rapidly gaining in significance—both commercial as well as political—paradoxically, there were no magazines, journals to bring them news and articles from the motherland they missed and longed for. Opinion Express set itself the task of sustaining the roots of these PIO’s i.e., people of Indian origin, spread across the globe.
Over the years, Opinion Express has bridged this gap admirably, thereby not only utilizing the substantial commercial opportunities afforded by the global market but also rendering  yeoman service to the sentimental needs of our expatriate compatriots. The focus of OPINION EXPRESS has been on highlighting the socio-political and economic changes taking place in India and to keep the NRI’s and PIO’s informed about the latest developments taking place in India.
It is planned to revamp the Opinion Express magazine through promoting online edition (PDF format) to reach the global readership with ease.

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