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Modi & the next Pakistan challenge

Post successful military surgical strike on POK on 29/30 Sep 2016 by India,   Pakistan exploring the possibility of "de-escalation" of current tensions, the Modi government is likely to insist on clear and verifiable action on terrorism, particularly in the context of the Mumbai, Pathankot and Uri terror attacks.

The current situation in J&k is a challenge to Modi government. China special relationship with Pak have complicated the matters though India diplomatic core community have played cards well in UN by exposing Pak being hands in gloves with terrorists.

The government was prepared to offer by way of its previous engagement with the Pakistan government and the civilian leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif seems to be over. The way forward for bilateral ties, as seen by India, are concrete steps to contain terrorism. Nation of over 1 billion people must not be perceived as a soft state by its advisories, it is extremely vital for the long term startegic interest of India.  

Prashant Tewari

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